It was an early start this morning and I only managed to get about five hours sleep in the end but the excitement and nerves energised me for the day. It started off really well, bumping into my younger sister at the airport (who was looking a little tired from her year 11 prom last night, but still gorgeous).
Then this beaut of a plane flew us to Southampton...

... it made the trip ahead seem somewhat more appealing.

Once we'd arrived at Southampton airport, I had a fry-up - the more calories the better this week! Plus, who knows when I'll be able to eat bacon again?! We then drove to Bournemouth, checked into our hotel, and headed straight for the shops. If I'm honest, I think that knowing I would be guaranteed shopping opportunities this weekend was just about the only thing making me want to get on that plane. Oh and the fact that it was purple.

So I did some a lot of shopping, appreciating Zara and Topshop in all their gorgeous glory. The fact that there were early summer sales everywhere also added to the enjoyment, at least for my bank account. If you know me well, you'll know that shopping is up there with my favourite things. I really do not need anything else for my wardrobe but... well, retail therapy and all that! I love love LOVE clothes.

Later this afternoon we walked down to Bournemouth seafront. It wasn't quite how I was expecting it to be, but exceeded my expectations by a mile. I almost squealed with excitement and, to be honest, comfort, when I caught my first glimpse of the blue waves. I'm a true island girl and often go and sit by the sea in Guernsey for some calm amongst life's many little stresses. I absolutely love it. So, naturally, I fell in love with this place:

After eating a very late lunch of duck wraps and home-made banana and chocolate chip muffins on the edge of the beach, we walked back into the town centre through these beautiful gardens. I was picturing myself lying here listening to my iPod, kindle in hand, when I'm living here in September. Just the thought of it was bliss.

The fact that nearly all the shops you could possibly think of, a beautiful beach and such peaceful, green gardens (this is where you see my love for biology surfacing) are all within a two minute walk of each other really is amazing. I cannot wait to be a Bournemouth resident.

The wifi connection is ridiculously slow in this hotel so this reflection of today seems to be taking forever to complete and soon we will be going out for dinner at an italian restaurant just minutes away, recommended to us by one of the hotel staff who has lived here her whole life and claims it is her favourite place to eat. I'll be having pizza, no doubt. Mmmm...

After spending just eight hours here so far in Bournemouth, I already know that I am going to have a brilliant time living here whilst I attend their university. Can I just move here now?

Namaste x