For the past year, I voluntarily became one of the year 7 tutor groups' tutor prefect. I decided to do this at the start of my final year at the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre because I felt like I wanted to give something back to the school and get involved a bit more in my last year of Grammar life. If I'd been asked to do this in my last few months at the school I probably would have immediately said no because school became my worst enemy as I neared the end of it. I felt like I'd outgrown it and I was so ready to leave and be treated like an adult that I really started to get fed up with it. However, at the start of Year 13 I was still raring to work hard and enjoy my final year, so I offered a helping hand to Miss Nicole Le Goupillot, who I love to bits and have always got on well with.
I usually visited their tutor group, 7.3, once a week and sometimes twice, because my own tutor sessions weren't nearly as fun. Being year 7s, they were full of energy and loved a good game or two, so I would usually create a quiz or game of some sort for them each week and entertain them before lessons started.

After Christmas, I showed them all the music videos made by myself and my fellow media students for our A-Level coursework. They were fascinated and really enjoyed watching them and one of them asked I could make one with them. "Do you think it'd be possible?" Miss Le G asked me. "Well we don't have much time to do a full length one but it'd be fun! I'll come up with some ideas" I assured her.

So I did. And so the music video production began. We chose to make the music video to Pharrell's 'Happy' and copied the style of his video by filming the year 7s dancing in different places around the school. It took several weeks as we never had long each time to film, but I filmed them and put it together and this was the final product:

Earlier this week, having not seen her for a couple of months due to exams, I dropped Miss Le Goupillot an email to say hi and pass on my love to her tutor group. She then replied asking if I had time to pop in and say bye to them all before they go on their project week and then summer holidays. I agreed and said "as close to the end of term as possible would be good as I still slightly resemble a chipmunk!". So when cousin Elly was over, we designed a four-round quiz and score board. This afternoon, I went in to see them. It was also a good excuse to see some of the teachers too which was lovely. After end-of-term locker clearance, we played the quiz! It was loud and manic, competitive and crazy, but so much fun!

Miss Le Goupillot, bless her, gave me a thank you gift (she really didn't have to!!) and gave one of these to each of the year 7 students as a momento - a collage of snaps from the music video! She gave me one too! :-)

Just before they went off to their final year group assembly (which I accompanied them to and stood with the year 7 tutors - yes guys I'm now officially a teacher), we had some photos.

I feel very privileged to have spent some time with them as a tutor group this year. I wish them luck and lots of fun for their upcoming years at the school!

Despite the fact that I had a final school assembly back in May, a final exam near the end of June and also been in since to deliver presents and cards to those wonderful teachers, I felt like today was my last official day at the school. I'm happy to be leaving, but I was a little sad too. I've had good times there and I'll miss the staff and biology/media lessons. Not a lot else though, I've got to be honest!

However, I am really grateful to everyone who made my time there enjoyable for the most part! To the friends I've made who made lessons fun and long lunch times less boring. To all those teachers who put such a load of hard work into our education and helping us do the best we can. I don't think teachers are valued enough. As one of them recently said to me, they technically work 24/7! I know it's not easy. I think they do a brilliant job and I've found friends in some of them who I'm sure will stay in my life for a long time. They know who they are :-) Thank you so, so much.

Here's a brilliant photo of my year 7 days with Elouise and Tyler just to sign off this blog! Bye Grammar! x