Good morning all!

It's been about 24 hours since my operation now. My surgeon said that everything went really well and, unlike when I had my wisdom teeth out in December, I didn't have any excess bleeding or anything, which is great. All I remember is being told I was being given the anaesthetic and then waking up in recovery about 6 hours later. When I woke up, I almost felt as if I was having a panic attack from not being able to breathe for some reason but I think that was just in my head. I remember them telling me they were going to give me some oxygen so perhaps my oxygen levels were indeed low, but I calmed myself down by practicing some breathing techniques I do at yoga classes, particularly the yogic 3-part breath. So that was really useful!
After a while -it felt like forever- I was taken to the HDU (high-dependency unit). I stayed here from about 3pm yesterday to an hour ago. I don't remember a lot really, just drifting in and out of sleep all day, not being able to get a wi-fi signal and (sorry for the graphic detail here) vomiting blood five times in total. It was most unpleasant.

However, wonderfully, when my surgeon came to see me and told me to bite together, I could feel that my bite was straight and that all my teeth touched together in the centre. It feels brilliant. I wish I could smile and see the outcome of this surgery properly but I won't be able to do that for a few weeks. When I looked in the mirror for the first time an hour ago, I wanted to laugh, but couldn't because I can't move my mouth. But my goodness, I look funny. You know on the apple photobooth app they have the filters which distort your face? I look like one of those. It's brilliantly entertaining.
I've managed to have a few tiny tea spoonfuls of porridge in the last half hour but it was very tricky. It got to the point that my jaw was hurting too much for me to carry on as I'd had to take my cooling mask/pack off to eat. The large amount of chipmunk looking swelling should reduce by the end of tomorrow or by Friday hopefully. Then I'll just look a bit weird, but not as weird as now! Oh well!

So the surgery is done, I'm about to watch This Morning on ITV (but got to be careful because Phil and Holly always make laugh!) and I'm feeling rubbish but I must keep reminding myself that it WILL be worth it.

Namaste x