It pleases me greatly to say that today has been one of my favourite days. Not just post-operation (because it's been the best day post-operation) but actually one of my favourite days perhaps this year. I had a really good, long sleep and lay in until midday. Then I finally managed to wash and dry my hair (it really needed it) for the first time in a week without too much of a struggle. I think that was the thing that really started off today as feeling like more of a normal day. Being able to do normal things like washing my hair feels like such a great achievement. Also, dressing in this newly-bought Primark top was a good, positive start to the day and a gentle reminder that life is good:

The day only got better when the door bell rang and in came my lovely Laurel all the way from Dubai- my clever cookie who got the grades this morning to get into her first choice university woohoo! Huge congratulations to her :-) I'm very proud of her especially after all the complications she faced during exam time with a broken wrist! Anyway, so she came round with her mum (Mama Jane is a sweetheart) and it was so good to see her and I smiled A LOT. Just a few minutes later, two of my best friends also rang the doorbell and came in and brought me cards and presents which was so lovely.

Whilst the mums went outside on the patio to top up their tan and catch up on the past year, Laurel, Sara and Hannah and I went upstairs and spent a good two hours just chatting and laughing. I was able to properly laugh today for the first time and it felt so good. Okay, it hurt... a lot, but it was worth every second of pain. Being with my dearest friends, showing them all my new purchases from the pre-operation shopping trip, sharing stories and Sara's weird dreams... it was all just what I needed. I don't think I've ever loved them more in my life.

At half past four, Laurel left to go and pick Lauren up from the airport (hi Lauren if you're reading) and Sara, Hannah and I watched some of our favourite vloggers' videos and laughed even more. I love laughing.
I even managed to smile (kind of) for a somewhat embarrassing photo with them both (embarrassing for me, not them. They both look gorgeous):

All in all, it was an absolutely lovely day. I've been able to eat more today too, which is a relief. I feel happy, more normal, and on the right path to getting better quickly. I feel more like me today and it is a very welcome feeling! :-) Smiley faces all round.

Namaste :-) x