On the 13th of July, in the middle of the recovery from my jaw operation, I started the ever-growing-in-popularity '100 Happy Days challenge'. Most people complete this challenge by choosing one thing from every day that made them happy and taking a picture of that thing, posting it on Instagram or Facebook. However, I did it more as a diary on the 'My Wonderful Days' app.

100 days later, I have now completed the challenge!

As you can see from the picture above, I only had 2 days out of the 100 which were very bad days. I think that's pretty good going, especially for me!

I recorded several happy things from each day, so I won't share them all but I'll write down one thing from each day for you, so here goes... (sorry if this is super long)

Day 1: First roast dinner since jaw op!
Day 2: Spending the day in Jersey with Sara
Day 3: Went to Icart Point with Laurel and Igor, then had chinese
Day 4: Playing my saxophone again
Day 5: Spending the day on the little beach with Soph and getting ice creams
Day 6: Cliff walk with my sister
Day 7: Walk with Jaymee-Leigh, it had been a while!
Day 8: Walk with Jo
Day 9: Steak at Roberto's restaurant (and seeing the hot waiter!) 
Day 10: Pedicure from Sasha at Sasha and Stacie's salon
Day 11: Shannon arrived in Guernsey!
Day 12: Filmed our first YouTube video together! Watch here: http://bit.ly/10jbDqB
Day 13: Fish and chips with Shannon and Laurel
Day 14: Going on the rope swing at Pleinmont! Best day! Watch here: http://bit.ly/1pxF9yy
Day 15: Playing crazy golf with Shannon and my family
Day 16: Yoga with Shannon
Day 17: Watching the sun set at Cobo with Shannon and Soph
Day 18: Going on a rib voyage around Herm and Sark. Watch here: http://bit.ly/1vIAxvl
Day 19: Going to the beach with Shannon, Katie and Aaron
Day 20: Attending Liz Whelband and Pete Beausire's wedding. So happy for them both!
Day 21: Meal with Mum, George and all his family
Day 22: Hoovered and tidied my car woooo
Day 23: Lying by the beach with a book listening to music - quality 'me' time
Day 24: Shopping trip in Southampton with Mum
Day 25: The 3 musketeers reunited- hanging out with Laurel and Lauren
Day 26: Aunty Colleen paid a surprise visit to Guernsey! Roast dinner with her, Katie & Granny
Day 27: Pub with Laurel, Elouise and Soph
Day 28: Filming with Laurel, pretending we were Taylor Swift
Day 29: Watching Saving Mr Banks with Katie and Aunty Colleen
Day 30: Made Poppy happy by making him a laminated medicine chart
Day 31: Staying in bed all day (let's face it, we all need one of these days from time to time)
Day 32: Watching The Sound of Music with my sister
Day 33: Getting my A-Level results (A* in Philosophy, WHAT?!) and into Bournemouth Uni
Day 34: Getting my braces off!
Day 35: Crabby Jacks with the Barker siblings and Abbie
Day 36: Watching Made in Chelsea with Sara to cheer me up after hearing Poppy had collapsed
Day 37: Bournemouth Uni Welcome Pack arrived in the post! 
Day 38: Going to Pleinmont with my cousins and sister
Day 39: Day trip to Herm with the cousins
Day 40: My sister got amazing GCSE results!! Celebrated by going to the North Show :-)
Day 41: Megan's birthday meal
Day 42: Yoga by the beach
Day 43: Watching old VHS tapes of my cousins as toddlers- so cute
Day 44: Granny's surprise birthday tea
Day 45: Watching Coronation Street whilst eating fish & chips with Lauren Tuffield
Day 46: Mum & George coming home from Exeter with uni homeware stuff for me 
Day 47: Playing the piano with Lauren
Day 48: Seeing Granny for her birthday
Day 49: Spending quality time with my brother from another mother, Cristo!
Day 50: Filming and editing Photo Challenge video for our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1sLBYqE
Day 51: Catching up with Megan
Day 52: Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with Megs
Day 53: Finding out my sister had Miss Grech & Miss Le Goupillot as teachers - such a lucky girl
Day 54: Watching endless YouTube videos with Sara
Day 55: Cinema with Sara, Soph and Elouise watching The Inbetweeners 2 Movie
Day 56: Homeware shopping for uni!
Day 57: Spending the whole day on Skype to Shannon so she could help me pick clothes for uni
Day 58: Taking my sister to her first yoga class (and my last, sad times)!
Day 59: Popping into school to say bye to the lovely Charlee
Day 60: Pizza night with the girls to say goodbye before uni
Day 61: Finished packing for uni
Day 62: Arriving in Bournemouth and eating at Wagamamas
Day 63: Moving into Dorchester House and meeting 3/4 of my flatmates. Fish & chips, X factor!
Day 64: Meeting last remaining flat mate and going on a flat ASDA shop
Day 65: Tidied and organised my new bedroom
Day 66: Trip to town with Caitlin and Katie
Day 67: First induction session at uni
Day 68: Enrolling as a BU student and getting my student ID card
Day 69: Trip to Shannon's, her 18th birthday family meal 
Day 70: Watercolour painting with Shannon and laughing all day, watch here: http://bit.ly/1tIXtfc 
Day 71: Dinner with my dad and step-mum after showing them around my new hometown
Day 72: Baking banana bread with all my new baking utensils!
Day 73: Meeting my seminar group at uni
Day 74: Giving my blog a makeover and getting the 'stephslittleworld' URL
Day 75: Trip to Aunty Colleen's and going shopping with her
Day 76: Getting an email from Miss Grech, miss her so much
Day 77: Decorating my pinboard
Day 78: Watching Tim ace the drums in his church band
Day 79: Feeling blessed by the support from family & friends after Poppy's passing
Day 80: Fajitas at Megan's with her and her flatmes
Day 81: Trip to London and Kylie concert with Shannon, watch here: http://bit.ly/1wmtTJk
Day 82: Making it to uni on time despite missing my train, oops!
Day 83: First film shoot at uni
Day 84: Going back to Guernsey and seeing my family and Sara
Day 85: Lunch with Lauren at Urban Kitchen
Day 86: Celebrating Poppy's life and giving him a beautiful send off
Day 87: Finally getting around to timetabling my independent study time
Day 88: First rehearsal with the university jazz band and Kylie watching our London video (crazy!)
Day 89: Started editing our digital film project
Day 90: Skyping my Laurel
Day 91: Getting up to date with Coronation Street (how sad)
Day 92: Walking into town by myself and cheering myself up
Day 93: Being proud of Sara as she starts her new job!
Day 94: Receiving a card from Granny in the post
Day 95: Receiving a postcard from Laurel
Day 96: Watching How To Train your Dragon 2 with Tim
Day 97: Movie night with Megan, Jess and Emma
Day 98: Watching The Proposal at the same time as Sara so it felt like we were watching together
Day 99: Submitting my first uni assignment
Day 100: Buying my Bournemouth University hoodie & phone call with Shannon

Some photos from the past 100 days:

And that's why I've had 100 happy days! Although there were some sad days in there somewhere, I tried to find positives from each day and there was always at least one. I never knew that was possible, but somehow doing that challenge forced me to find positives even on rubbish days, which is amazing. Congratulations if you actually read all of those because I can't imagine it was that interesting! If you have not yet completed the 100 happy days challenge, I urge you to do so. It is such a great thing to do for yourself and a brilliant way to look back on some lovely moments in your life. 

Thank you to everyone who featured in the past one hundred days of my life, thank you for making me happy.

Sending you all happy vibes! 

Namaste x


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