Hello dears, I hope you've all had a weekend as lovely as mine was and are refreshed ready to face this last week of October. I can't believe where the month has gone!

I was in Exeter over the weekend, and it was such a great weekend that I feel I should remember it with a blog post. My mum and her partner George flew to Southampton on Friday afternoon and drove down to Bournemouth to collect me. We then went on a fun little road trip up to Exeter, which took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I took my laptop in the car with me to do my essay but did that happen? No it did not. Instead, I stared out the window admiring the beautiful countryside. I managed to capture these stunning shots:

When we arrived in Exeter, we headed straight to Birks Grange Village university accommodation and I was reunited with my favourite originally-from-Guernsey-then-moved-to-Dubai-now-at-uni-in-Exeter girl, Laurel! I've been friends with Laurel since we met at secondary school in year 7. I actually found this photo of us as 12-year-olds a few hours before we arrived in Exeter, so here's the embarrassing throwback photo!

I took my suitcase up to Laurel's uni room as I slept at hers both nights and I was unsurprised to see that she had decorated her room in a very lovely, Laurel way, with cards, postcards and photos absolutely everywhere. It felt so homely and I realised how un-homely my university room felt in comparison, which inspired me to do something about it!!
That evening, Laurel came with us to my aunty and uncle's for dinner. It was a delicious meal (thank you Aunty Mary!) and it felt so great (and so needed!) to be reunited with my family and my Laurel. We had a lovely evening, did a bit of dancing, took some selfies and some people (I won't mention any names, *cough* mummy *cough*) had a bit too much to drink! I loved it.

On Saturday, Laurel and I got woken up by the fire alarm in her block. Okay, it wasn't that bad because it was 11am but we were sound asleep and trudging outside in my little pyjama shorts was not the best way to start my morning! We then went shopping with my mum and my cousin Elly. We were in town for quite a while buying clothes, shoes, cushions, food and... my favourite purchases... homeware and decorations! I'll come back to this later!
It was Mum's birthday that day so in the evening we all went out for dinner: Mum, George, my two cousins, my aunty and uncle, Laurel and myself. We put some fairy lights up around our table and sneaked a birthday balloon onto her chair and she loved her presents. Dinner was amazing (I had steak- my favourite) and we had another really lovely special evening.

Unfortunately Sunday was a day of goodbyes but it could have been worse. My aunty made me a lamb hotpot to take back with me to Bournemouth for my dinner...

... and after saying goodbye to her, my uncle and cousins, Mum, George and Laurel drove me back to Bournemouth. This was a spontaneous decision made the night before but it was a brilliant opportunity for Laurel to come and see my university accommodation. It was so good that we got to see where each other were living in the same weekend despite living nearly 100 miles away from each other. 

I made the most of them whilst they were in my flat for a brief half an hour- my room got hoovered and cleaned, as did my bathroom, and we put up my brand new bargain lamp (£20 instead of £70 from Urban Outfitters) on my desk to warm up my room. I hated saying goodbye to them all, but then I went to Asda with Jake, my friend from Guernsey who is living in the flat next door to me, and so that was a good distraction. We bought some more hooks for my wall and then came back up put up my new decorations that we bought in Exeter. I felt like I really needed some more things in my room to make it feel more cosy, so that's what we did.

I had an amazing weekend with my 'nearest and dearest'. I very much needed some family time and some Laurel time and I'm so grateful for being able to see them all. I named this blog post 'home comforts' for two reasons: 1) because although I wasn't at home (in Guernsey), it felt like home being in Exeter with them and 2) because I made my room feel more homely and comforting by decorating it. 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different blog and looking at some of the photos from my weekend. Thank you to Mum, George, Aunty Mary, Uncle Steve, Elly, Laura and Laurel for your love, laughter and hospitality. I love you all very much.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Namaste x