Happy Sunday readers!

I'm so glad that Sunday has finally come around because I've been itching to write a blog since this time last week. I've decided to try and post every Sunday (if not midweek too) because I feel like it's the day of the week that everyone relaxes, feels cosy and could sit down with a cuppa and read my blog.

My dear friend Laurel started a blog last week and found something called the '20 List Project' which consists of 20 different lists to write blogs about. She started the challenge with the 'words that touch your soul' list and I loved hers so much that I thought I would blog my words and a reason why they touch my soul.
n.b sorry Laurel, my words are likely to be very similar to yours!

1. Love - a concept that is so much more than just a concept. It is hard for us human beings to find an adequate definition for love, but we all know what it is. For me, love is what holds everything together. There are endless types of love, for people, for things, for ideas. Ultimately, love is life.

2. Sea - As most of you will know, I'm a true island girl having grown up on the channel island of Guernsey all my life. I've always felt a deep connection to the sea. Its greatness, width and depth is overwhelming whilst being calming. Its colour, its sound, its purpose, its beauty fill me with peace, wonder and awe.

3. Home - More so now than ever, does the word 'home' touch my soul, probably because I am now living away from it. I didn't realise how much the cliche saying "home is where the heart is" would ring true to me when I moved away for university, but my heart is so completely in Guernsey. Home is snuggled up under a blanket in front of the fire watching Coronation Street with my parents. Home is going for drives along the coast with my closest friends singing along to an old Abba CD. Home is eating a roast at my grandparents' house whilst admiring their grandchildren's childhood drawings stuck up on the sweetie cupboard. Home is walking through the country lanes with my iPod in, looking up at the planes as they are coming into land. Home is walking through the little high street bumping into 30 people you know and ending up chatting more than shopping, mostly about what the weather is like that day.

4. Family - Again, this word touches my soul more than ever before now that I am not able to see my family every day, and particularly since my dear Poppy passed away three weeks ago. Family are sometimes the only ones who can make you feel safe, secure, comforted and loved. Family made you, family still make you.

5. Trees - I'm not sure when my little love for trees started, perhaps in the last couple of years as I started to find a passion for biology, or since I really started to appreciate living in Guernsey. But trees are wonderful aren't they? So strong, intricate, green. As weird as it sounds, they keep me grounded. They make me feel connected to this earth, to nature. I love them.

6. Laughter - When I hear the word 'laughter', I feel light. Laughter alleviates the bad things in life, releases endorphins and creates lifelong memories. Laughing feels so, so good. I always feel like I should laugh more.

7. Peace - Something a lot of us need to find more of. It's hard to feel peaceful in this busy, stressful, fast-moving world, but those moments when we feel it... doesn't it just feel so good? I feel peace when looking out to sea, when lying next to my best friend watching a film, when coming out of a yoga pose, when looking up at a blue summer sky. I think it's important that we all try and strive for a little more peace in our lives. If we all do that, think how much more peaceful this planet would be.

8. Breathe - For the same reasons as why 'peace' touches my soul I guess. Breathing is essential to life, but it is also essential to living. And I mean living as opposed to merely existing. My yoga practice has taught me how valuable breathing is, and how just by taking a minute to be still, focus on breathing and nothing else, it can clear so many worries from ones mind. Breathing grounds us, calms us and strengthens us.

There are so many more words that touch my soul, but if I gave reasons for every one of them, I'd be keeping you up for several days. So I'll do you all a favour and just list the rest here:

Kindness. Positive. Friendship. Happiness. Beautiful. Brave. Gratitude. Create. Music. Adventure. Chance. Beginnings. Chocolate. Sunshine. Enough. Piano. Manners. Grow. Strength. Guernsey. Essence. Experience. Hope. Presence. Air. Sparkle. Courage. Focused. Gentle. Cake. Light. Support. Selflessness. Grounded. Photograph. Balance. Faith. Open. Nature. Snuggle. Shopping. Us. Knowledge. Mindfulness. Human.

I hope each and every one of you has a lovely week. Take a few minutes to think about what words touch your soul and why they do and then aim to incorporate more of all these things into your life this week. I guarantee it will make an amazing difference.

Namaste x