Welcome to November, one and all. The month where everything starts getting colder, snugglier and more orange.

I am determined to make November a good month,so that when I look back on it on the 1st of December that I feel satisfied that I've done all I could do, laughed as much as I could laugh and enjoyed every moment as much as I could have enjoyed it.

The following features of November are going to help me achieve this:

Autumn leaves- trees are just starting to lose their leaves, bushes are just starting to be tinged with oranges and reds

Bonfire night- always one of my favourite nights of the year, spent at the rugby club at Footes Lane in Guernsey. This year will be no different as I'm heading home for the week on Tuesday and going to the rugby club on Wednesday with Megan to wave glow sticks and sparklers and watch a beautiful array of fireworks.

Open fires- it may not be cold enough yet for me to sit in front of an open fire whilst I'm home this coming week so I may not get to do this this November but if you have an open fire- do it! Snuggle up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a film in front of the fire.

Christmas in the shops- during November, supermarkets and high street shops start to fill themselves with Christmas decorations, advent calendars and chocolate Santas. I don't mind how early this happens, the run up to Christmas never fails to fill me with joy.

Winter chill- doesn't sound that appealing does it? But when you're wrapped up in a fluffy coat and a woolly scarf parading around in a bobble hat, it does feel quite cosy. The wind and rain? Hmm not so much...

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!- possibly my favourite TV programme of the whole year. Ant & Dec become the kings of our Saturday nights and watching it with a Chinese takeaway becomes the highlight of our week. Actually probably best to eat your Chinese before you watch... noodles look far too much like worms.

And then other things happening in November...

Going home- As I mentioned above, I'm going home for my 'reading week' (does anyone actually do reading in reading week? Huh). I'm going to spend my 'reading week' going for drives along the coast, catching up with my friends, eating roasts with family and going for some long, frosty walks.

My cousin's 21st Birthday- I'm paying another visit to Surrey in two weeks time for my cousin David's 21st. Although I only visited on Thursday for his sister's birthday, I always love going there and spending some quality time with them all and eating too many of Aunty Colleen's homemade rocky roads!

Seeing Shannon- It's a month today since I last saw my best friend Shannon, when we went to London, but it feels like way longer and I miss her a lot. I'm hoping to spend a weekend with her in about 3 weeks time and I'm looking forward to meeting her group of school friends too.

So that's my November happiness sorted! I always feel refreshed at the start of each month and determined to make the month a good one. I hope you can all do this too! And if you can't, just remember... IT'S CHRISTMAS SOON!!! :D

Namaste x