Hello my loves and Happy December!! How do you like my new Christmas themed blog design?!

Every year, but this year in particular, popular YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) do something called 'Vlogmas'. They film typically every day or every week of December... so as I have a blog I've decided to do Blogmas. I'll write a blog every Sunday in December about what I've been doing that week in the lead up to, during, or after Christmas. I may write other blogs in between Blogmas blogs, but yeah... you get the idea!!

As it's now the 7th of December, we're already a whole week in and therefore a whole week into Blogmas. So welcome to Blogmas Week 1!

I've had a pretty boring week. One of those weeks that I've just felt neither happy, nor sad. It was a strange one. Buried in the depths of essay writing, reading, documentary pitching and doing my laundry, all I kept thinking was 'I wish I was at home'. It didn't help matters when Mum texted me a photo of all my family out for dinner - without me :( It did make me really excited to be back in Guernsey, though.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were dull. But on Thursday night, I went out for dinner with some fellow blogger students- it was great to meet them. Friday morning I showed Jaymee, one of my closest friends from home, around the uni as she's hoping to join next year, which was lovely!

Jaymee and I in front of the BU campus map

Then on Friday night, I went to my first gig (other than Kylie, Girls Aloud, Black Eyed Peas, Jessie J arena tours). We saw Bombay Bicycle Club and, other than being completely squashed and almost knocked out by someone attempting to crowd surf, it was a pretty good night!

Bombay Bicycle Club

Banter with Katie (KG)

Saturday was a dull day. I stayed in my pyjamas all day and felt pretty bleugh. I did a little bit of work but just felt down and exhausted.

Today, however, has been a very fun and festive day. My flatmates and I had been planning tonight's Christmas dinner for a couple of weeks now and we were all very much looking forward to it. At about 4:15pm, myself, Katie and Tim went on a little trip to the supermarket and bought our Christmas dinner ingredients.

As the preparation for the big feast began, I wrapped up all of their Christmas presents. It was my first lot of wrapping of Christmas 2014 and I did it whilst listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify and wearing one of my *four* Christmas jumpers!

We also played the Christmas music when we were cooking the dinner, which looks spectacular if I may say so myself...

Everyone pulled their weight and had an individual role (I was in charge of the Yorkshire puddings) and it was done in no time. So then it was time to pull our Christmas crackers, wear our hats and tuck in! 

Katie and Caitlin were buzzing to tuck in
Photo time with Anna and Katie
My dinner featuring my place name made with love by Leighton and Anna
Flat 20 (and two adopted Flat 20 members) Christmas dinner 

It was a truly scrumptious meal and I can safely say that NOW IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!

It's just gone 9pm now which means it's time for the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! final. I'm going to miss spending my nights snuggled up with Ant and Dec!

This time next week it'll be the X Factor final and I'll be watching with my family back home yay! I think that's the only thing that's going to get me through this week to be honest!!

Hope you've all enjoyed the first week of advent and have enjoyed reading my first Blogmas blog :-)

Seasons greetings x