Hello my lovely little Christmas crackers,

Sorry that this blogmas week 2 blog is a day late... naughty me.
My week got better as it has went on. I guess that's a good thing. Monday wasn't a fab day until...
MY TOPSHOP ORDER ARRIVED! Do you understand my excitement? Good, good I'm glad you do.

And then it got even better when I had a lovely meal with Megan and her flatmates. Thanks girls, it was delicious.

Tuesday involved lots of library fun... emphasis on the word 'fun'...

... and then actual fun shopping for Christmas jumpers for my mum's partner for his birthday present!
Modelled (kind of) by the lovely Andrew

Wednesday felt like the longest day in the world. I was in uni from 9am until 1pm and then spent my afternoon doing laundry. I took my work down with me and after being evacuated from our accommodation due to a fire alarm and standing in the rain whilst the fire engines arrived and (shortly after) disappeared, I sat in the common room outside the laundrette listening to my now very overplayed Christmas playlist. After an hour, the staff in my accommodation came over and gave me a milk free mince pie and a hot chocolate, which made the scriptwriting and essay planning a little easier, I must admit.

Yes, your service was refreshing

Once I'd gobbled them up, finished my work and collected my now clean and dry washing, it was time to start packing to go back home to Guernsey. Unfortunately, this was not an easy task, as I soon found out that my suitcase was far too small for a two week trip home plus carrying bought Christmas presents across the ocean. Yah. It wasn't long before I was on Skype to Mum whining "I'm so stressed, I don't have enough room, I don't know what to dooooooo"

She advised me to buy a bigger suitcase. Why didn't I think of that myself?

Later on in the evening, my flatmates and I exchanged Christmas presents in the newly fairy-lit (?!) kitchen/lounge. The boys are so cute for doing that, aw.

Definitely keeping these fairly lights on the ceiling for the rest of the year

The presents under our tiny tree in Flat 20

On Thursday morning, I made an early trip into town and after failing miserably trying to find a cheap suitcase in Primark, I managed to purchase this bad boy from Debenhams.

That awkward moment when you have too many clothes to fit in your suitcase and have to buy a new one
By this point, I was a little stressed (am I going to have time to pack and cook lunch and wash up and tidy my room before I have to get the train to the airport?!) but also very excited to be heading home later that day. Can you tell?

Is it obvious I was excited to be going home? Is it?

It was a pretty painless journey to Southampton Airport, despite almost falling down the gap between the train and the platform because I was trying to lift three heavy bags off the train and I'm only one very tiny person. It wasn't long before I was "kicking back in the business departure lounge with a Costa smoothie". Pretty sure that's what my texts to Mum and Gran said! It was fab.

An hour later, I landed back in Guernsey (aka "The Rock"). And my goodness wasn't it amazing to be back!! To celebrate, I spent a lovely evening out with my family at our favourite Indian restaurant.

You know you're home when Mum photobombs your selfies

On Friday, I made a little trip into my school to see some teachers. Wait am I supposed to say my 'old school' now? That's weird. Well anyway you know what I mean. It was great to see them all for a few minutes and I'm looking forward to having more of a catch up with them at our A Level Presentation evening on Thursday :-)

On Saturday I woke up around lunch time and then spent the afternoon doing a few errands with Mum and George, but Saturday night was what Saturday nights always used to be. A Chinese takeaway, the brilliant company of Sara, and The X Factor on TV. That's when I thought I'm definitely at home.

We've pretty much adopted her into our family

We had lots of laughs playing around with Snapchat

And finally, Sunday was spent in a very similar way. Woke up at lunch time, actually did some essay work in the afternoon (can you believe it? I can't) and then had Lauren round for a practice Christmas dinner to watch the X Factor final results. We were very pleased to see Ben Haenow crowned as the winner! 

How adorable does Lauren look in her Christmas cracker hat?

So that was Blogmas week 2! Hope you've all had a good week as well and that you'll have another festive one this week. School go-ers, enjoy your last week of school consisting of many Christmas films I'd imagine!! Happy carol singing in assembly on Friday! Oh I miss that Christmas karaoke video.

If I don't blog before, talk to y'all on Sunday! Or maybe Monday, depending on how organised I am...

Seasons greetings x