How you doing my little glittery snowflakes?

I actually managed to do this blog on a Sunday again today, go me.

I've had another pretty good week again this week. Lots of festivities and celebrations!
The week started off with a very long lie in. Typical Steph. I can't help it okay I just don't wake up and I don't like alarms. When I eventually did drag myself out of bed, I decided to write my Christmas cards. However, a week later, I have not handed any out nor posted any. Fail!

I had a very relaxing and simultaneously painful evening attending my first yoga class for 3 months with my sister. It was great, don't get me wrong, and I have missed it... but my goodness, I was sore all over for about three days afterwards. That's what having a term's break from it does to your body. Ouch.

More Christmas-ness happened on Tuesday. My sister and I did some secret Christmas present shopping for our parents (ssssshhh don't tell anyone)...

... and then in the evening, I ticked off another thing on my '30 things to do before Christmas' list (see that blog post here: This was to go for a Christmas lights tour with my Guernsey girls! We followed that, naturally, with some fish and chips. Perfect evening.

Sophie why are you posing on a Dolphin?

I didn't do anything on Wednesday other than go food shopping with my step-brother (well not technically but you know) ready to move into his new house. It was so much fun and tested my been-at-uni-for-3-months-so-I-can-now-do-a-food-shop skills. I think they were pretty good.

Thursday was one of those days where you have nothing but appointments and events. A jam-packed, rainy, feet hurting, 'do I really have to move from my bed today?' kind of day. It started off with a hair appointment to get those awful brunette roots to disappear -why aren't I a natural blonde?! :(

This was closely followed by a check up with my orthodontist which I was only in for approximately 4 minutes and 47 seconds, yet took 30 minutes driving time out of my day.
Then in the evening I went to my A Level Presentation Evening to receive my (well-earned?) A Level certificates. Massive throwback, that was! It was good to see fellow ex-students and teachers and my parents actually spoke to each other for the first time in forever so brownie points to them :-) Once home, I think I had a bacon sandwich... yep, yep I did. MY LIFE IS SO EXCITING.

Then I packed. 'What for?' you may ask. Well my dears, keep reading and you'll find out.

My alarm went off at 6:15am on Friday morning. I haven't seen that time of day since exam time in June. True story. It was very, very difficult. But I did it for you cousin Elly! I guess you kind of have to make an effort for an 18th birthday. We flew to Exeter at 8:10am, via Jersey (ew) and arrived just before 10. I wasn't feeling too great on Friday which was a little frustrating and meant I didn't really enjoy the usually very exciting Exeter shopping trip, but by the evening when Elly, my sister Katie and I went out for dinner at Urban Burger, unsurprisingly I'd perked up a bit and I ate this bad boy without any problems.

Burger, Bacon and Lettuce with Sweet Potato Fries. HEAVEN.

We went back to the hotel and watched Miracle on 34th Street which did one thing and one thing only... it made me wish Father Christmas was real. Think about it, how cool would that be? 

On Saturday morning, we visited our cousin Pete and his wife and two little boys who are cheeky little angels. It was so lovely to see them.

We went shopping again in the afternoon but SHOCK HORROR I only bought one thing - a £2 belt from Primark. I still can't believe my self control.
We had Elly's family birthday meal at our favourite pub the White Horse Inn on Saturday night and my sausage and mash was quality.

Elly and her birthday cake

And finally, today was Elly's 18th birthday. We surprised her with a breakfast at our hotel followed by facials (for Katie and I) and massages (for Elly and Laura) and some relaxation in the spa. Oh it was good. It was sooooo good!

This is the life

We had to fly home soon after though and I've spent my evening watching my favourite childhood film A Cinderella Story (2004) and making chocolate rice crispie cakes! I'm super cool aren't I?

So that's Blogmas week 3. I can't believe I've had 3 weeks of Blogmas already! My next one will be the best though because it'll be about ACTUAL CHRISTMAS! How excited are you guys for Christmas?!?! Hope you're all organised!

Have a lovely Christmas week wonderful readers. Looking forward to seeing all your Instagram posts of pigs in blankets drowning in gravy and reading your heartfelt Facebook statuses ;)

Happy Christmas!! x