Happy boxing boxing Boxing Day my little candy canes. See what I did there?

Firstly, I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas week. Well done for managing to get all your Christmas shopping done on time and for not burning the roast potatoes.

I've had a pretty full on week, filled with last minute preparations and panics and 24 too many chocolate rice crispy cakes. I genuinely have eaten 24 chocolate crispy cakes since this time last week, and I'm not even sorry.

On Monday, I went out for lunch with my Dad, followed by some Christmas shopping. I say Christmas shopping but I was actually very difficult to shop for. This year I've not wanted any gifts so the shopping trip wasn't too successful but it was lovely to spend some time with him. After that, I spent a couple of hours with my sister planning our mumma's Christmas present, shopping for some clear cellophane for hampers for the parents and assembling said hampers in Santa's workshop (aka Granny's house).

I had an early start on Tuesday morning as it had started to get very close to Christmas day, and Katie and I had not yet started Mum's surprise Christmas present, which was to recreate photos from when we were little and put the before and after shots into an album. So on Tuesday, we hired a photographer (just joking, we forced Katie's friend Dana into helping us out, thanks Dana we love you), gathered up some clothes that looked similar to the ones we were wearing in the original photos, and shooed Mum out the house for an hour whilst we took some of the photos there. Then we went to various other locations to recreate some spectacular facial expressions and poses. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time.
On Tuesday evening, my lovely friend Sophie came round for fish and chips and was soon absolutely hooked on one of our Christmas puzzles. Mum's friends came round too and we played the board game 'Tension' whilst wearing our Christmas hats. Oh the festive fun.

Christmas Hat Banter
Wednesday, Christmas Eve, was another day of driving around and rushing around. The photo machines in town were broken so Katie and I had a little bit of a stressful time trying to print the photos out for Mum's photo album but we got there in the end. Then it was a case of making, printing, cutting and sticking captions into it, decorating the front cover of the album and wrapping it up whilst yelling "don't come in Mum!" every 20 minutes. It looked so good when we were finished and we couldn't wait to give it to her.

Christmas Day was a funny one this year. I can't work out why but for one reason or another, it didn't feel like Christmas to me. I'm putting this down to having been away for the past 3 months, or the fact that Guernsey was just too warm for December. But it was a good day anyway, even if it did feel like it had come around too quickly or too early. My pretty-much-step-brother stayed over on Christmas Eve so on Christmas Day morning we opened our stockings together.

Then it was time for a quick family Christmas morning walk whilst the turkey was in the oven...

... before getting dressed up a little for lunch. Mum and George (although I think it was mainly George) made us a lovely Christmas Dinner although I wasn't too happy about the lack of yorkshire puddings. I think I might have gone on about that a little too much...

Perfect weather

I've been looking forward to Christmas dinner for a whole year you know

Granny and Katie came round in the evening and Katie and I gave Mum her photo album. She really loved it and we were so pleased. Here is my favourite set of photos from it!

On Boxing Day, a miracle happened. If I'm honest it still feels like a dream that my dad and step-mum came round for lunch. Here's not really the best place to say why it was such a crazy thing and such a big deal, but trust me, it was. A hugely significant day for all of us.

Matching jumpers and leggings. You'd never know that Katie is the youngest
Then after they'd left, I had a frantic couple of hours running around the house packing my life up again to go back to the UK. I didn't want to go back so early but it was just the way it worked out and now I'm here it's okay. I'm just sorry to all the friends in Guernsey I didn't get to see in short time I was home. Granny and I arrived at my aunty, uncle and cousins' house on Boxing Day evening and were greeted by two of them at the airport and then by a lovely dinner Uncle Colin had made for us when we got to their house.

Yesterday I stayed in bed too long but then we headed out to Camberley for a little Christmas sales shopping trip but I only bought a few bits in Superdrug. I'm just not feeling the whole shopping thing at the moment - there are more important things in life. I had a takeaway pizza on the way home which was delicious and then at 9pm I went with my cousins to Gravity Force, the UK's trampolining park. We had a ball, as you can see in the video below :)

And today was a day of pancakes, procrastinating with a little bit of essay writing, and far too many episodes of Coronation Street, topped off by a homemade mince pie. Perfect.

It's been a frantic, festive and family-orientated week, just the way Christmas should be. This is my last blog of Blogmas but come visit my blog on New Years Eve for my round-up of 2014. I hope you've all enjoyed reading what I've got up to in December and that you've had a good end to the year.

Now go and get back to your chocolate eating x