Good evening readers,

Tonight I'm going to talk a little bit about comfort zones. Wonderful things, comfort zones. 
Or are they?
I'm a fairly shy person (although actually no way near as much as I used to be) and sometimes I, like most other people, find it difficult to have faith in myself, be a little bit courageous and put myself out there. One of my new years resolutions, in fact just one of my aims in general from now on, is to stop being so darn scared of stepping out of my comfort zone. I want to be braver, I want to do more and seize opportunities. I'm nearly 19 and I think it's about time that happened.

This week, I've made a couple of steps in the right direction. Firstly, I have been struggling to find people to live in a house with later this year when I move into my second year of university. Although it's still early in the year, everyone is starting to look for housemates and for houses. When I started asking my friends a month or two ago, they'd somehow already made living arrangements for second year and I was a little frazzled - why has nobody asked me, and how the heck am I going to find people? 
Until this week, I had been reluctant to "advertise" for housemates - people would think I was a loser who had no friends, right? Wrong. Surprisingly wrong. I decided to forget about being viewed in that way, after all I was probably just being paranoid, so I finally posted on the university's Facebook freshers group saying "is anyone else struggling to find people to live with next year or is it just me?". I put myself out there.
And it turns out, it wasn't just me.
That night, and the next morning, I had several people send me messages saying they too didn't have anyone to live with and would I be interested in sharing with them? And had I found anyone else who was in the same boat? Quite quickly actually, I managed to form a little Facebook message group with three other girls (and another who joined today). So far, I've only met one of them but she was absolutely lovely, and the other girls also seem like my kind of people. We're going to meet up next week, see how we get along, and hopefully start looking for houses together! We're very, very excited. 
I thought it was just me who didn't have a group of friends here yet, or even another girl who I was close to. But I'm not the only one, and I guess it was just a case of finding them. Because I don't drink or go out (let's say I'm not a typical uni student) I suppose it's just that little bit more difficult to meet people, but Facebook helped me and I'm glad I found the guts to put my hands up and say "I'm struggling".

So that was my first opportunity seized this week.

Secondly, I found myself a part of a Facebook group (yay for Facebook working wonders again) where the student union were looking for some people to help make promotion videos for their night club The Old Fire Station. I showed an interest in editing the videos and found myself at two meetings this week where TOFS TV (The Old Fire Station TV) was born!! On Friday night, a group went out to capture some footage of everyone having a great time in the club and this weekend I've been editing that footage and creating a 3.5 minute video promoting it. The rest of the group have just watched it and given me some really encouraging feedback - they're happy with how it looks, which I'm so pleased about. As some of you may know, I love video editing so this was a perfect chance for me to do something different and fun (and let's face it, it'll look good on my CV so that's a bonus!). At the moment, it looks like I'll be editing every weekend for the video to go out on the Monday, but I'm happy to do so and really excited about it. Opportunity number two seized.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone and made myself known to people that I didn't know before. I should have been doing this a long time ago, but never mind. I've got to start somewhere!

My point is, life is more exciting when you stop being afraid. Life is more exciting when you start doing, when you find the confidence to try something new. Why don't you try one new thing this week? Go on, I dare you! That's where the magic happens :) x