As you may know, it was my 19th birthday on Tuesday. Celebrations started on Monday night when Mum and George arrived in Bournemouth with a surprise birthday present wrapped up on the back seat of their hire car (aka, my friend Sara). 

It was a crazy moment. Sara! In Bournemouth! Only two days before, I'd been asking her to come and visit me. I didn't think anything of it when she quickly moved the conversation on to something else!! It was so great to have her there to join my Bournemouth friends and I for my birthday meal that night. 

I felt very lucky to have a combination of home and university friends with me to celebrate - they're all gems!

With my gals - Laura and Sara

Our 'Sara's in Bournemouth!' faces
Table selfie
My Flat 18 besties, Jake and Katy
Blessed to have a wonderful group of people with me

Birthday girl

Snuggled up in our hotel bed for the night!
I stayed in a hotel with Mum, George and Sara for my birthday eve so I could have a birthday breakfast with them the next morning! I opened my cards and presents at the table and then we spent the rest of the day shopping and I showed Sara around uni.

Excited to eat our Wagamama meal!

Excited to eat our Wagamama meal!

The three of them had to leave Bournemouth mid-afternoon to catch their flight back to Guernsey but the celebrations continued later that evening (after watching a film with Andrew and Joe, and then having a nap). My lovely flatmates made us all fajitas for dinner and they baked me some birthday cupcakes. So cute. The cakes were eaten within 10 minutes!

'Happy B'day Steph!' cupcakes
This weekend, my birthday celebrations continued as my younger sister Katie treated me to a trip to London.

She flew from Guernsey to Southampton yesterday morning and unfortunately her plane was delayed by a couple of hours (which, luckily for me, meant I could carry on sleeping!). I met her at the airport at around 11:20am and then we caught a train to London Waterloo and traveled on the underground to our hotel at King's Cross. We checked ourselves in on the self-service machine (cool, huh?!) and scoffed a large McDonalds each. She also gave me my birthday present - a selfie stick!! I've wanted one for so long because life is just so much easier without the struggle of awkward angles when taking selfies, but was too embarrassed to buy one for myself. This weekend though? No shame AT ALL. 

First selfie with the selfie stick

We soon headed to Oxford Street to participate in our favourite sport - SHOPPING! We started in Forever 21. I am in love with this shop - the clothing is such good quality and style but is also really cheap. If any of you have ever been to Forever 21 on Oxford Street (the only one in the UK I believe), you will know how huge it is. We spent a good hour and a half in there!

Changing room mirror selfie

Next up was Topshop, followed by Urban Outfitters. In Urban Outfitters, we came across the bright yellow raincoat that our Mum has - we call it her "Mumma Duck coat". So, naturally, we each put one on and sent her a photo!

Little Ducklings

I then quickly got a smoothie from Costa but somehow we had already run out of time (I blame Flybe for Katie's delayed arrival) and so we headed to Wagamama in Covent Garden for our sisterly valentines meal. We managed to get a table but had we been any later, it wouldn't have happened. Katie got excited over the free WiFi, I got excited over my noodles and then we both got excited because it was time to head to Cambridge Theatre to watch Matilda the musical!

Covent Garden all loved-up for Valentine's Day
The 'Matilda' stage, Cambridge Theatre

I've seen a few West End shows - Phantom of the Opera, We Will Rock You, Wicked, Shrek and Legally Blonde, but I'm pretty sure that Matilda was my favourite yet. Those children were absolutely mind-blowingly talented and the whole show was so upbeat and slick with impeccable timing and also really cleverly staged. Both Katie and I had goosebumps throughout because we were so amazed. If you're thinking of going to see a West End show soon, make sure it's Matilda! You will not be disappointed.

This morning, we got up early (8:15am is early, ok?), had a delicious Premier Inn breakfast and then took the underground to London Bridge to go up The Shard! I booked these tickets earlier in the week because I thought it was an amazing thing to be able to do, to see London from the tallest building in the city. Plus, of course, I was thinking about the Instagram opportunities! So after being X-rayed on entry and having our (typically overpriced) welcome photo taken in front of the green screen, we were directed to the lift. Now, this lift is not any ordinary lift my friends, no no no. It is the fastest and most modern/technologically advanced lift I have ever been in. We couldn't believe how fast we were travelling up each floor when we were looking at the numbers on the screen. I later googled how fast it travels - SIX METRES PER SECOND. It took about 10 seconds to reach Floor 33 (it takes that amount of time to reach Floor 3 in my building!) where we got out, walked around to another lift, and then continued up to Floor 68. We both felt a little bit sick in that lift because it was going so fast and our ears were popping and we felt weightless. It was so strange. Oh and the roof of the lift was playing video of us travelling through the roofs of some of London's most famous buildings.

The lift was impressive, but not as impressive as the views of London from Floors 68 and 72 of The Shard. Here are a view snaps...

The top of The Shard

And of course, we had to whip out the selfie stick didn't we?

Annoyingly it was really cloudy when we went up and by the time we were leaving London just an hour later, the sun came out and the sky was a gorgeous blue. But it was still breathtaking (literally, I did feel a little funny and have legs like jelly!) and when you all go and see Matilda, you must take a trip up the Shard too!

In our final hour of London time, we decided to be proper tourists and head to Leicester Square. Here, we embraced the red London buses, the red brick buildings, and the selfie stick for some more photos...

Everything about these photos screams "tourists" doesn't it?! I love visiting London - it's not a rare thing for me but it just has that magic about it. It makes my heart happy when I get to explore its awesomeness. We both had such a lovely weekend there and we had so much fun. Thanks little sidling for such a lovely birthday treat :-)

You'll be pleased to know, you have reached the end of this blog post and I have reached the end of my birthday week. It's been so different to previous birthdays but really, really wonderful! Thank you for all your birthday cards and messages and wishes and presents and company, to anyone who has been a part of it! x


  1. Ahh it looks like you had such a great time! I'm jelly of all your London madness! :') xxx

    1. It was lovely thanks doll. Wish you could have been there xxxx

  2. It looks like you had a really good time. Those cupcakes look so delicious. Great post.


    1. I did thank you :) Thanks for reading! x