I wanted to write about technology... how we live in a world immersed in that very thing. Thing? Or is it a space, a dimension, a sphere?

I'm a media production student and at the start of the week, I was encouraged to discuss my 'media map' in a seminar. What media do I engage with on a daily basis and how do those media interlink? Sounds simple right? Well just fifteen years ago, it was. It's a very different story now.
How many of you sit down and watch a television programme without engaging with it in any other way? By that I mean don't tweet about it or visit its website to watch behind-the-scenes clips or read spoilers online or in a magazine or newspaper? Not many, I would bet. How many of you watch Big Brother or Eastenders or Britain's Got Talent whilst simultaneously adding to the collection of #CBB, #WhoKilledLucy and #BritainsGotNoTalent hashtags popping up every millisecond on Twitter? Most of you, I assume. How many of you actually watch a TV programme on a TV?! Or do you watch it on your smart phone or tablet or laptop, on iPlayer or ITVPlayer or 4OD? Do you watch it on NetFlix or your Sky recordings or a dodgy free streaming website? 

Now let me ask you this... how many of you use social media? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Snapchat... you know the ones. You use at least two of those, I can guarantee. And they interlink don't they? You post your Snapchats on Instagram, you post your Instagram photos on Facebook, you share a link to your YouTube video on Twitter and tweet your Vines too. You pin your blog post on Pinterest and screenshot your friends tweet to upload to Instagram. Am I right or am I right?

And you multitask too, don't you? You read your kindle on the bus, listen to music whilst scrolling through your Twitter feed, you snapchat while you're drunk dancing, you upload a photo to Instagram whilst you're in the middle of that moment that you took the photo of and therefore not living wholly in the moment.

What happened to watching a programme at the time of broadcast on the television set? What happened to discussing it with your family who are sat next to you, instead of discussing it with other @ usernames on Twitter? What happened to enjoying the moment so much and soaking up the company of the people you're with that you forget to check your messages, you forget to send a snapchat, you forget to absent-mindedly scroll through your Twitter feed whilst half-listening to them tell you about things they're finding difficult at the moment?

I say all this, but I do it too. Of course I do. And I'm not saying it's bad or shameful or annoying. It's just different to what it was. 15 years ago, none of this existed.
We are a world immersed in technology. We play games on a screen, not games in a garden. We talk to people as text, not as voice. If alone, we don't observe the world around us, we observe the latest happenings of Twitter, e.g apparently someone just ate a grape or beat their high score on Candy Crush.

Do you ever look around you, when you're in an airport or at a café or on a train or sat at the dinner table, and see 99% of the other human beings around you staring at a screen? I notice it so often, and it looks lonely.
But, of course, they're not lonely because they're texting 10 other people in a WhatsApp group, sending rabbit emoji's to each other just 'for the bants'. They're not lonely.

Thanks to technology we can now watch other peoples lives on YouTube, have a direct conversation with a celebrity without being anywhere near them and share our innermost feelings with Facebook 'friends' we've met once, or not at all. 

Let this blog that you've just read give you food for thought. Challenge it, explore it, consider it. With technology with us and all around us, do we become a world immersed in the digital, in pixels, in cyber space? Are we truly making the most out of living, out of being a human being, or just out of having a smart phone in our hand?

Decide for yourself.

P.S. My blog has now had well over 5,000 pageviews - thank you so much to each
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