Happy February readers! I don't know about you but I simply cannot understand how we're already into month two of 2015. How does time fly by so fast?

I hope you all started the year off well and continue to keep it that way this month. If January wasn't very friendly to you, let February be your month. Make it your month. :)

Approximately two hours ago, I arrived back in Bournemouth after spending five days home in Guernsey. As the uni semester was coming to an end - the new one starts tomorrow at 9am (help) - I had a few days off so decided to use this time wisely by paying a visit to my favourite place on earth.

Tuesday 27th January 2015

My plane landed at 5:25pm and I was greeted at the airport by my sister Katie, my granny and aunty Colleen. Having being driven home by Katie for the first time as she passed her driving test a few weeks ago, I sat down at the piano straight away. I always miss being able to jam out on it! We then watched friends before having a delicious dinner at Granny's.

Wednesday 28th January 2015

I set my alarm for 7am to get up and make pancakes with Katie before she went off to school. I say 'make pancakes with Katie' but if I'm honest, it was 'to eat pancakes that Katie made before she went off to school'. She's a good little sister!

It was an achievement getting up that early, let me tell you. Not easy! But I promised myself to get up at a reasonable hour every day that I was home to make the most of it. In the morning I went food shopping for the two of us for the week as our mumma was in Barbados (I know - not fair). Then I met my lovely friend Sara for lunch in town during her work lunch break. Although it was brief, it was so lovely to have a catch-up with her. We did not stop talking.

After lunch, Jaymee came round and we made blueberry and banana muffins and filmed as we baked them! If you missed them, you can click here to read my blog and here to watch the video on YouTube :)

On Wednesday evening I went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant in town with Katie, Gran, Aunty Colleen, my Dad and my step-mum Julia. I had steak, chips and salad - one of my all time favourites! We had a really lovely meal.

Thursday 29th January 2015

Thursday morning consisted of a very wet, windy dog walk with my friend Elouise and her gorgeous pup Mitsy. "Not the best weather to be out for a walk", someone said when we walked past them. Very true, but it was definitely refreshing!! This walk was followed by some well-deserved sausage sandwiches.

After Elouise left, I didn't really know what to do with myself so decided I would go for a drive around the island and it was probably my best decision of the week. I stopped off at three different car parks overlooking the sea and simply sat for a while watching the stormy waves and clouds roll in. The weather was actually a little eerie - thundery one minute and bright sunshine the next, but I embraced it and felt so complete and happy just looking out to sea. Is that weird?

I drove around the whole island (not difficult, believe me) and when I got home I cooked shepherd's pie for the fam before we all headed out to the cinema to watch Disney's Into the Woods. It was the second time I'd seen it in less than a week but I enjoyed it just as much the second time around - if you haven't seen it, what're you doing?! Go watch!

Being the parents!

Friday 30th January 2015

I started Friday off in the best possible way - attending a 9:30am yoga class with Jaymee. As bad as it sounds, I find myself feeling too cold or too lazy or too tired to venture out in the evenings to go to classes in Bournemouth but I always make sure I attend Emma's classes when I'm home. I felt rejuvenated and alive when I left at 11am and really enjoyed having a catch-up with Emma.

Post yoga: no make-up and no worries

And then, because I was feeling super healthy and energetic, I had porridge with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast. Mmm-mmm!

Around lunch time, I went into my school to see one of the teachers but it wasn't for long as she was really busy but it had been so long since I saw her and it was just absolutely lovely to be in her presence again, even if it was just for a minute!

I think I just had a lazy afternoon on Friday and for dinner, Katie and I cooked a stir-fry which was pretty darn good actually!

Saturday 31st January 2015

I can't quite believe I'm saying this but Saturday morning was another exercise-filled morning! Three mornings in a ROW where I actually got up to DO EXERCISE. Pretty much unheard of.
But it felt SO GOOD to be out on those gorgeous south coast cliffs with my aunty, even if it was raining (again), cold and incredibly windy. But none of that really mattered because I had such brilliant company and such a breathtaking view of the sea. I know, I know, I'm banging on about the sea again... but come on, look at how wonderful this sight is!

In the afternoon, my friend Megan came round as she was in need of a hug and then later on, both my sister and I had some friends round and we got a chinese takeaway and watched We're the Millers and played a board game. Perfect Saturday night in really!

Sunday 1st February 2015

I was quite literally kicked out of bed really early this morning by Katie because we had to pick Mum and George up from the airport and she knows how long I take to wash my hair. We quickly cleaned up the house (...I mean, er, we've kept the house clean all week Mum...) and picked them up and I didn't really do much else today. Watched Friends, tried to have a nap, ate a scrummy casserole and packed and then it was time to travel back to Bournemouth!

The best bit of the day though was saying goodbye to everyone at the airport. Not because saying goodbye was good, of course, but just because I had all 4 of my parents, my sister, my gran and my aunty all wave me off. I felt really blessed and grateful to have everyone there together to say goodbye to me and it made leaving a little bit easier, and a little bit harder at the same time.

Above the clouds

I've not unpacked yet, or eaten anything - in fact all I've done since walking into my uni room is climb into bed and watch YouTube videos and now write this blog but do I have the energy right to sort my life out ready for the new semester? No, no I do not.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Thank you if you read to the end of this blog - I know it probably wasn't very interesting but I just wanted to document it because I had a really amazing few days and I'm so grateful that I grew up on that lovely little island and that I can go back and visit it and see my friends and feel so peaceful and happy there :)

Have a wonderful week guys!


  1. This all sounds so perfect... So happy you had such a wonderful week X