Today, I've been thinking a lot about time. It feels, right now, as though time is moving too quickly, but also too slowly, for my liking. The fact that my first year of university will be over in 2 and a half months is an example of time moving far too fast. The two hour lecture about paintings I had to endure earlier today (what does that have to do with media production?) is an example of time stretching out for what feels like eternity.

Time is the one thing that doesn't wait for us. It doesn't stop, or rewind. It just keeps on going. We are living in time, absorbed by time, a part of it, yet also apart from it. Time is universal, yet also individual. It's shared amongst every living being, yet also unique to every living being.

The only thing that we can control about time is how we spend it.

Today, to me, felt like a waste. Of effort, of money, and of time. I sat through four hours of university "education" today and was not educated. I won't start this university rant again but I do feel like I could have been doing more useful, fun and productive things with my time.

So why is it, then, that when I eventually got back from uni, that I crawled into bed and watched The Only Way is Essex and Coronation Street? Surely, that is no more useful or productive to me than attending classes at university?

The difference is, I enjoyed watching those seemingly pointless television shows. I laughed out loud at their ridiculousness but embraced them because I was entertained. Productive? Not really. Useful? Not at all. Fun? Absolutely.

We must spend our time wisely, and by wisely I mean doing things that are either productive, useful or fun, or all three. Unfortunately I don't have a choice in attending sessions at uni (it could be argued that I could choose not to show my face, but something tells me that would still be the wrong choice because then I'm wasting money) but we do have choices about what we do with the rest of our time, outside of work, cooking, school, looking after a family, etc. 

It's so important to use your time to do what makes you happy.

Time is universally infinite, or so we believe. But individually, it is not. We must be careful with how we spend our money, but we must be more careful with how we spend time, because money can't buy happiness. Only we can. 

Namaste x

P.S Have you watched my vlogs from Tenerife yet? If not, you can watch them here! New photo blog post of the holiday coming soon