As a Mother's Day surprise, I arranged (with a little help from Mum's partner George) to fly home to Guernsey for the weekend. We booked it on Thursday morning and by Saturday morning, at 4:30am with only 3 hours sleep to go on, I was up, showered, dressed and packed and heading to Southampton Airport by 5:30am in a taxi because it was too early for the trains!!

I was really nervous and excited to surprise everyone. My flight left at 7:15am and less than an hour later, I was creeping upstairs with a cup of tea to give Mum a surprise wake up call! She was asleep and for about 5 minutes after I walked in, she was very confused! "Oh my goodness!!! What're you doing here?!" she said, half-asleep.

My sister Katie was going to be staying at Mum's for the weekend, but had no idea I was too. So Mum had the brilliant idea for me to go into M&S where she works to buy something for lunch and give her a shock! So at 8:45am, I walked into M&S expecting to see her stacking shelves but she wasn't around. So I picked up some sausages and headed to the till and there she was. Or rather, there I was!! Her face was an absolute picture - she just looked so confused and stood still staring at me for about 10 seconds before she ran over laughing to give me a hug and saying "What's happening?! Why are you here?! What?! This is so weird!!" It was brilliant.

At 10:30am, I headed into town with Sara (she did know I was coming, although it was tempting to turn up on her doorstep and pay her back for surprising me in Bournemouth a month ago!). I bought some bargains in New Look (3 gorgeous tops for £15, winner), Sara bought some things in there too and some make-up. We also bumped into one of my ex teachers which I had a feeling was going to happen, and it was so lovely to see her and her hubby.

Sara and I spent the afternoon listening to Ed Sheeran very loudly on the surround sound speakers, and dancing. It's only been a month since I saw Sara but I always miss her so much. We're so similar and don't stop talking and laughing when we're together, so it was really lovely to spend some spontaneous quality time with her.

At 5pm, Katie came round with her/our little fluffball of a dog, Oscar. They stayed the evening and we were all joined by some family friends to enjoy Mum's cooking, baking and post-wine laughter. I also popped round to see my Gran to surprise her - she thought I was Katie.

Mumma enjoying cuddles with Oscar

Family portrait

This morning, I didn't wake up until 11am. I can justify this- I did only have 3 hours sleep in the previous 24 hours. So it's not surprising that I was absolutely "soundo", as Mum would say, until nearly midday.
We gave Mum her presents (a gravy jug with a chicken on from me, and a selfie stick from Katie!) and cards and then the four of us plus George's son Andrew all had a roast dinner and then went for a walk.

My flight back to Southampton was at 5pm so unfortunately my time at home went far too quickly but I'm so glad I made the quick decision to go and spend the weekend there! I absolutely loved every second of it and can't wait to go back in two weeks time for a three week easter holiday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day today. Sending lots of love to all the Mums out there and especially to my Mumma! Love you duck! x

P.S Oscar filmed himself playing with the ball! Click below to watch and click here to follow him on Instagram!


  1. What a lovely post. Sounds like the perfect days and I love the pictures :)