If you've known me a while, you'll know that I've had long hair for a few years now. It was always the one thing I didn't mind about how I looked and I guess you could say it was like a security blanket.

But I'd been thinking about cutting it for about a year and never gone through with it because I wasn't brave enough. I thought I'd regret cutting it and thinking about how long it'd take to grow to my waist again put me off doing it.

However, the "I want short hair" thought never really went away in the last twelve months. I interpreted this as wanting deep down to cut it and yes I may regret it and yes I may miss my long hair but it grows back doesn't it? And at the end of the day, it's just hair.

I had an appointment booked anyway to get my hair coloured and trimmed so I thought I may as well just cut it all off, seeing as a part of me really, really wanted to see what it looked like.

So I surprised Martine, my hairdresser, a lot I think when I told her I wanted my hair shorter (usually she has to really persuade me to even get it trimmed!). I'd been discussing with my mum the night before about the possibility of donating my hair to a cancer charity to make wigs so when Martine mentioned that I could donate it to the Little Princess Trust if it was at least 7 inches long, I absolutely knew that cutting it was the right thing to do.

When I gave this to my mum later she nearly cried...

I don't know how I feel about that photo! Admittedly uncomfortable (LOOK AT MY HAIR LOOK AT IT) but also so pleased that it isn't on my head anymore so it can be on a little girl with cancer's head instead. It has way more worth to her.

The 'before' mirror selfie
The 'after' mirror selfie
What do you think guys? It's a huge change but I'm really pleased I did it and can't wait to send my hair off to the Little Princess Trust.

If any of you or anyone you know gets their long hair cut (at least 7 inches), please please please consider donating it too. You have nothing to lose and you could make someone else feel like a whole new person. It's a no brainer to me!

Huge thanks to Martine for my new hair and I hope you all have a very happy Easter! :) x


  1. You look beautiful with your new hair - and what a fantastic thing to do :)

    Cylia -

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