Do I have to go back to uni tomorrow?

I'm really not feeling it.

Although it is getting to the point where I'm remembering how small and unexciting Guernsey is, so maybe a part of me is looking forward to my reunion with McDonalds and trains.

I've had a lovely three weeks at home though, and although this is probably not interesting to anyone, I wanted to document it. So without further ado, here are my "Easter holiday highlights".

1. Walks, bike rides and drives. I've done quite a few of these to make the most of the gorgeous weather and warm temperatures we've had. 

Always love being driven in Dad's convertible
Cliff walk selfie had to be done
Cycling with Daddio
2. Catching up with friendlings... Sara, Sophie, Elouise, Lauren, Jaymee, and then my fellow BU students that I see far too much of (jokes I love you) Megan and Jake...

Myself, Mum and her adopted daughter

Snuggled up watching BGT with Sara
We had food babies after this meal at La Piazza
Had some laughs with Sophie - it's impossible not to

Post-cliffside-picnic selfie with Megs
3. And family... Parents, Step-parents, my little sister, my pup...

Wendy with her glass of wine... obviously

Parents and step-parents

Dad and Step-mum cuddles
My "little" sister

Cuddles with Oscar
Look at that little face
4. Catching up with lovely ex teachers

5. Getting my hair chopped off

The moment I realised how much hair really had gone...
6. Doing yoga again (and admittedly not enough)

7. Doing some filming around the island

8. Seeing GADOC's Easter musical, Shrek, which was really brilliant and performed at such a high standard.

9. Mum's cooking. How am I going to go back and cook for myself again after having delicious meals cooked for me for three weeks?

10. My previous blog post sorta/kinda/somehow/weirdly going a little bit viral (click here if you missed it, although that's doubtful apparently) - thank you to everyone who read it, shared it and commented on it! I can't believe it had 23,000 views in 3 days. The internet blows my mind.

Thank you Island FM

Thanks so much to everyone who made my Easter holiday a good'un! x


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