Apps are just wonderful things aren't they? Smartphones are just brilliant inventions aren't they? Ok, admittedly, we spend too much time on them. And sometimes I do try to have a break from that little iPhone world...


that doesn't stop me wanting to write a blog post about my 10 favourite apps!! Aside from your standard social media apps, here's a list of apps I love. Some are useful, some are fun and others are somewhat shamefully a way of life. So here we go...

P.S, I'm too lazy to put the following list in order.

1. Retrica Pro
This is a camera app with some very snazzy features for all your selfie desires (don't pretend you don't have any). You can take photos with 100 filters (and some extra which you can get by watching a 30 second advert) which I love. The app also features a timer, optional vignette and blur effects and different size options e.g rectangle or square photos. You can also do a set of 2, 3, 4 or 9 photos in one go like a photo booth which is super fun to do with friends.

Make yourself look beautiful like I've done here. Joke.

Examples of different filters Sara and I were thoroughly enjoying

2. Wantfeed was founded by one half of my favourite YouTube vloggers, Stefan Michalak (you can check out their channel here for beautifully filmed and edited videos of their lives and a heck of a lot of silky montages). Wantfeed is essentially an online wishlist where you can make collections of all the things you want by saving the links and prices to the item. I used it for Christmas presents and my birthday wishlist and I think it's brilliant for sharing with friends and family to give them ideas for gifts, and of course as a place to collect all your wants to save up for! The app launched just a few weeks ago and it's such an easy way to add to and share your wants. I highly recommend downloading it!

3. Pinterest
I adore Pinterest. I tend to use the iPhone app a lot more than the website itself because it's just so snappy! I am a little bit of a Pinterest geek. I particularly love it for re-pinning feel-good quotes as little reminders to get me through the week. Pinterest involves making 'boards' like online pinboards and then pinning anything and everything onto them. If you're a scrapbook/arty/organised kinda person, I'm begging you to download the Pinterest app right now!

4. VSCOcam
I'm a dedicated Instagrammer and I use VSCOcam to edit and filter pretty much every photo that I upload to Instagram. It's got everything you need to tweak your photos whether that's adjusting the exposure, the contrast, saturation, fade, temperature or whatever else, plus it's got some gorgeous filters that just make your photos look that little bit extra special. A great app for photographers, instagrammers and perfectionists!

Love at first Filter
5. Kindle
I bought one of the earliest Kindle models about 3 years ago and I don't think there was a Kindle smartphone app back then, but... wait for it... there is now!! Whether you're a Kindle owner or not, you can use the Kindle app to read books that you can buy from the Amazon store. If you're a book worm, Kindle is the perfect thing for you because you can take it anywhere, hold an infinite amount of books (or near enough) and the books are all significantly cheaper than buying physical copies. I know a lot of people like to hold an actual book in their hand but if you can get over that, make sure you at least have the Kindle app in your life.

Some of the books on my Kindle app
6. Timehop
Ahhhhhh... Timehop. Don't you just love it? And hate it? All at the same time?! For those of you who are unaware of this phenomenon, Timehop is an app that integrates all of your social media accounts as well as your camera photos to remind you of all of the embarrassing things you've said and done over the last few years of your life. I'm going to do a blog post of a day of my Timehop soon, but for now, it goes a little something like this...

Apparently I was posing for photos with my sister in Dad's car instead of doing homework on this day in 2012

I think I was missing Girls Aloud.

7. Periscope
This brand new app was only launched at the end of March and I think it'll soon be a global craze. Periscope allows you to broadcast yourself live to the whole world and to follow other people to be notified when they're broadcasting. A few of my favourite celebrities already have it so it's been fun to watch them broadcast themselves from their house or just out and about! I'm yet to broadcast myself. Let's face it, nobody would watch The Steph Show. Although Amanda Holden follows me so she might!! She's one of my only four followers. Awk.

Two followers are friends, one I don't know, and the other is Amanda flipping Holden

8. TV Guide
This may be the most useful app on my favourites list. It is what it says on the tin. Well, screen. A TV guide app!! Sometimes you don't have time to be turning on the tv and searching the tv guide or flicking through a newspaper (do people still do that?!). Just whip out your phone, open the app and your head will be filled with juicy television information. What more could you want from your smart phone?

9. RefME
If you're a uni student like me, or a even a poor A-Level student who is being forced to reference your work "as good practice", you NEED RefME in your life. Initially, you tell the app what style referencing you need to be doing e.g Harvard referencing, then the app works in two ways. You can either hold your phone over the barcode of a book and it will automatically reference the text for you in your chosen style, or if you don't have the book with you, you can enter all the information and the app will arrange it in the correct order for the referencing style. It's an absolute gem for keeping all your references in one place in case you ever forget one or just at the end of your essay when you need to write them all!

Some references for an essay I wrote about the X Factor

10. Phonto
As a content creator I am always using this app to create thumbnails for YouTube videos and "just uploaded a new blog!" posts for social media. But really, you can use it for all sorts! Simply put, Phonto is like a mini text photoshop whereby you can add text in any colour, really funky fonts and styles to blank canvases or photos. You can also add other photos and shapes to your little masterpiece. It's such a brilliant and compact way to do a little bit of graphic design and comes in handy for things you wouldn't expect! I love it.

There are of course many other apps which I love including the National Rail app to prevent me ending up lost in the middle of this foreign land known as England, but I think 10 is quite enough for now! What are your favourite apps? Are any of these on your list?