Cancer. The C word. That dreaded C word. It's likely that you, reading this now, know someone who's been through that crap, or perhaps you've even been through it yourself. 

I've been thinking quite a bit about cancer recently. To be honest, it's something I think about A LOT but I'd say more so in this past month. It's likely to have started when I got my hair cut to donate to a children's cancer charity. And it's been increasingly prominent in my mind since the founder of the CoppaFeel! charity, Kristin Hallenga, started uploading her life to YouTube. That is, her life with breast cancer.

I've been finding myself feeling truly looking forward to Kris uploading a new vlog, about being let in to snippets of her life. Not because I want to see her suffer, but because I want to see her strength. And that's exactly what I see, more than anything. 

Yesterday I sponsored Kris for her 10K run that she's doing on Sunday to raise money for CoppaFeel!. Kris was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago and she's still got it today, but she wanted to do what she asks others to do - run for her charity. I know Kris and everyone at CoppaFeel! and everyone who benefits from the amazing work that CoppaFeel! do would appreciate your support, and if you have some pennies to spare, I can promise you that there's no better way you could part with them right now. I also donated to Cancer Research UK today, sponsoring my amazing friend Sara who's doing the Race for Life in Guernsey in May. Again, if you could give something, even if it's just a pound, please please do!

Last night I stumbled upon the blog ( of Kris' dear friend Lisa Lynch who lost her battle with cancer in March 2013. I'll be honest, I cried solidly for half an hour reading through Lisa's thoughts spilled out onto her blog, and the thoughts of Lisa's family and friends who have since contributed to the brilliantly written and lived blog-world she left behind. She may not be alive anymore, but her blog and her legacy well and truly are. Which brings me onto the main purpose of this blog post...

Lisa wrote a book called 'The C Word' (which I'll be reading any day now, I can promise you) and the BBC have made this into a 90-minute one-off drama which will be broadcast this Sunday (3rd May) at 8:30pm, and Kris is starring in it. You don't have to watch it, of course you don't. 
But, of course you do. 
Because once you've watched it, I can almost guarantee that your attitude to life on the dreary Monday morning the day after will be different, in a good way. And hopefully for a very long time after that too.

So I've been thinking about cancer, reading about cancer, watching cancer, sponsoring the eradication of cancer, and now blogging about cancer. But also so much more than that - I've been reading, watching, sponsoring and blogging about strength, new found gratitude and some absolutely friggin' awesome human beings who live and will always live with an unfathomable amount of courage and positivity. 

Take a minute, or ten, to find out a little more about Kris and Lisa. Watch one of Kris' vlogs which I've inserted below. Have a read of Lisa's blog. Watch The C Word on Sunday. Sponsor Kris and/or Sara. Do something good for these brilliant people to say HELL NO to cancer!!!

Links mentioned:

Watch Kris's first vlog below

Watch the trailer for The C Word below