So this time in less than two weeks I will officially have finished my first year of university. That's so scary. How did I get this old? How did time go so fast? University is never something that from a young age I absolutely had to do and was so excited about it. It just wasn't. But I went, and it started off okay, and it's ending... okay. I've met one or two very good friends and I've enjoyed being able to shop in Asda, but my course has been rubbish. I just hope that it gets better in 2nd year.

I've had a difficult week if I'm honest. It's got to that point where it's so close to the end that I'm just absolutely desperate for it to arrive already!! As the semester is winding down, I've got very little to do and spending very little time in uni, and I'm going a little bit out. of. my. mind.

I'm feeling anxious and wound up, bored and bothered, just not good in myself. So I'm trying to do an awful lot of yoga, and an awful lot of trying to look forward to things.

A good thing that happened this week is that I finally submitted my audio assignment. It probably could have been better - definitely could have been if I'd recorded it properly! But I was so done with listening to it and having it on my mind and I knew if I didn't submit it there and then, that I would forget to do it altogether tomorrow (deadline day) because I've been at my Aunty and Uncle's this weekend (they've saved my sanity) and also wrapped up in excitement for the S Club 7 gig tomorrow.


S Club 7 were my childhood. I don't know all their songs (I've been desperately trying to learn them before tomorrow oh gosh the pressure) but I absolutely loved Reach, You, Dance Dance Dance, Don't Stop Movin' and the tear-jerkers Have you Ever and Never Had a Dream Come True. I even have my little red crop-top vest from Woolworths with their faces emblazoned across the front somewhere from about 2001/2002.
Their songs have never ever left my head since I was aged 5 and I don't think they ever will. Especially this week when I've got the playlist on repeat 24/7!! But oh my GOODNESS I'm so excited to see them. I'm really hoping we can queue in the afternoon and then get front row standing because we want to stand by Rachel's set of stairs. Obviously! It's RACHEL STEVENS!!!

Yes, I'm excited.

Next weekend I've got one of my oldest friends coming to stay the weekend so that'll be brilliant.

And in less than 3 weeks time, it'll be The Wedding. I put that with capital letters at the start because we've been talking about The Wedding for a good year now and it's been around 9 months since my dear cousin Rowena asked me if I would film her and Richard's wedding video. When she asked me, not going to lie, I was pretty scared. The pressure of a wedding video!!!
And now that it's a mere 20 days away, I'm still feeling like that. Excited, absolutely, but really nervous! She keeps saying there's no pressure and they'll be happy with anything but I want to prove to myself and to everyone who believes in me that I can produce a stunning 10 minutes of film that will, ultimately, make people cry (in a good way!!!). Can I do it? I'll get back to you in 3 weeks about that one.

After The Wedding is over, it'll be time to pack up my poxy little uni room and ship it all back to Guernsey. Literally, ship. I'll then have just over 2 weeks of doing nothing, or hopefully doing lots of walks and bike rides and drives around my equally poxy little home island. I definitely want to do work experience over the summer - I've got it booked in for two places at the moment although I don't know when exactly. But I'll need something to do! I'm going to be in Guernsey for four months in total before embarking on round 2 of university. So if I don't find something to entertain me, I'm going to be irritable, bored and get on everyone's nerves. Let's just not go there.

I'm super excited to go to Portugal next month although I can't actually believe it's next month and it hasn't quite sunk in yet. But I'll be going with my amazing cousin Elly and we're going to sunbathe and burn (it's inevitable) and watch endless vlogs and life will be sweeeeeeeeet. 
Just before that I'm going to be in Hyde Park with Shannon and we're going to be, predictably, fangirling our hearts out in front of Ms Minogue (the nice one, Kylie). It'll be a complete throwback to September 2012, the first weekend Shannon and I met, when we saw Kylie there for Proms in the Park. I'm kind of excited. Understatement!

Well there's a positive-sounding list of things to be excited about. I know.
First though, I've got to write a 3500 word essay (I'm on word one - the title) and I need to sort my head out and get some clarity and peace because I'm far from that at the moment.

I hope you're all feeling better than I am! If you're revising or doing coursework, stick at it. We can do this people!!

(She says).