If you know me personally, it's likely that you'll know that I have a bazillion allergies. This includes asthma, hayfever, dustmites and penicillin but most frustratingly, a handful (or bucketful) of foods. If you've ever been out for a meal with me, you'll know the speech I have to give every time:

I'm allergic to milk so... would you be able to do this without the cheese... Is there any milk in any of that? Or yoghurt? Or cream? Or butter? Or whey powder? .... I'm allergic to nuts too, just so you're aware... 
I've had a milk allergy (as in I'm not lactose intolerant but allergic to the protein found in cows milk and goats milk) since I was a baby and I discovered my nut allergy the hard way aged 6 when I put a peanut to my lips - I didn't even take a bite! A year or two ago now (I can't remember exactly when because time seems to go so fast and I lose track!) I suddenly became allergic to lentils - apparently there's a link between nut allergies and lentil allergies, again, something I found out the hard way! Luckily, I've been very fortunate to have been brought up by very caring and careful parents and step-parents who have always been extremely proactive in making eating as easy as possible for me and very accommodating of my food allergies.

Last week , I woke up on two different days and was physically sick (sorry if that's TMI) but couldn't work out what could possibly have caused it. My best friend suggested that I may be allergic to gluten as I had eaten pizza the day before on both occasions, and when I suggested this to my Mumma she said the same thought had crossed her mind. This was supported by the fact that I have been suffering from stomach aches all day every day for a good few months now. Perhaps I knew, in the back of my mind, that I could have another allergy, but was in denial because I'm limited enough with food as it is - I CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE ANOTHER ALLERGY CAN I??!!!

I'm writing this blog because I'm frustrated, and trying to eliminate that frustration. I actually feel guilty complaining because I know people who are living with far worse conditions than I am. I don't for one moment ask for sympathy or anything like that, and I'm not saying that my life is terrible. Far from it! But everyone has something that goes on with them from time to time that isn't ideal and at the moment, this is my thing, and I want to get through it.

If you haven't already guessed, it's likely - not definite, but likely - that I now have a gluten intolerance to add to my mile-long list of things that my body hates. I've been avoiding gluten-containing foods for a week now and already, I feel so much better. I was feeling nauseous until Wednesday despite being off gluten so I don't know if this was related or not, but since then I have remained tummy-ache and sickness free.
I'm trialling a gluten-free, and of course milk-free, diet for a month, as is my lovely Mum so that I'm not alone in this (is she a sweetheart or what?!). If I reintroduce it into my diet after a month and start to feel worse again, I'll stay off it for good. Part of me hopes that this will be the case if it means I feel healthier and more comfortable, and part of me is dreading living with an allergy that's even harder to avoid than milk and nuts.

The thing is, I've been absolutely loving living in England where there are big supermarkets and a much greater choice of food than in Guernsey. I've spent the past nine months exploring the aisles and finding normal foods that don't contain milk such as doughnuts, waffles and angel cake! Heaven! I've also, and I have no shame in saying this, been devouring a good McDonalds every now and then. But you see my problem, don't you? All these foods contain gluten, so for now they're off the shopping list.

I'm going to bring this to an end because I'm very aware that I've just rambled a lot and probably sound ungrateful for my otherwise perfect health, but as this blog is called 'Steph's Little World' and I am Steph (no kidding), and this possible new-found allergy is a part of my world at the moment, it's only right that I write about it, and try to write myself out of thinking negatively about it.

If you know anyone who has a gluten, milk and nut-free diet, or you know of anything at all that could be useful for me in living with a diet like this whilst still trying to gain weight (e.g I really do need those doughnuts), please leave me a comment below or get in touch. I know it's not the end of the world, but it's going to be another challenging adjustment to make, and I'd appreciate any tips if you've got any!