I've been friends with a girl called Laurel since we started secondary school nearly 8 years ago. She was partner in crime at school, not that we were ever rebellious enough to commit a school crime, but you know what I mean...

To cut a long story short, Laurel and I were heartbreakingly separated when her family decided it would be a grand idea to move abroad towards the end of 2012. Skip ahead 3 years and we're both coming to the end of our first year at university in the UK so this meant she could come and visit me this weekend!

These are some photos we took over the past few days! We also made a "silky montage" short film of our afternoon in Bournemouth Gardens on Sunday which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Bournemouth Pier pose

Bournemouth Pier pose

We got photobombed so bad

Bournemouth Lower Gardens

Feeling awkward when you're being photographed looks a little like this

Not quite sure what was happening here

I had a truly lovely, laughter-filled weekend with my Laurel and can't wait to see her over the summer. She also has a blog so if you want to have a read of that click here

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too and achieve great things this coming week!