After 9 months of living in uni halls, I have now officially moved out!! I'm both happy and sad about this. Happy because a) the building is like a sauna, b) no more being woken up by doors banging and people running up and down the corridors (apparently it's fun?) and c) it means i'm going to be back home VERY soon (tomorrow - not soon enough) and I'm terribly excited about this.

Really going to miss my gal Katie so much!

I will be home for pretty much 4 months which means I need to find things to fill my time. There's only so much you can do on an island in four days , let alone four months!! 

I decided to do a Summer series of blog posts over the next few months - beauty essentials, clothing essentials, holiday essentials, reading lists, playlists etc. and this is my first post in the series: a summer bucket list! So without further ado, let me tell you all the things I want to do this summer! 
  • Learn the guitar properly - I know how to strum it, how to play a few chords, but I want to actually learn!
  • Learn the theme tune to Downtown Abbey - it's a gorgeous and difficult piece of piano music and I want the challenge!
  • Do yoga at least once a week - I'm going to try and go to one if not two classes a week because I haven't practiced much recently and I want to get back into it!
  • Read 10 books - is that a lot? I'm not sure! But 10 seems like a good number and I have plenty of time so why not?!
  • Work experience - I have 3 work experience placements lined up and I'm really excited about them!! 
  • Re-decorate and re-organise my bedroom - this is going to be a huge project but I'm really keen to get started. I haven't organised or cleared out my bedroom since I moved into my house 6 years ago and it really needs doing. I also want to redecorate it, you know, change it up a bit!  
  • Film and edit wedding videos - I filmed my cousin's wedding video yesterday and I'm pretty sure I have several hours of footage so that needs editing! I also have another wedding booked to film and edit. I've never taken on such a challenge before but it's such an amazing thing to do and for an editing geek like myself, it's tres exciting!
  • Have another beach bbq - Last summer I had the best beach bbq with my group of school friends and I really want to do the same thing this year. It's got to be done, right? 
  • Go abroad - I have a holiday to Portugal coming up with my cousin Elly and her parents which I'm really looking forward to because, let's face it, we haven't had much sun here have we? Bring it on!
  • Go for a walk every day - that's if the weather allows for it! I live in a really lovely, quiet area so I have no excuse not to go for walks. iPod in, world out!
  • Go for a bike ride once a week - I went out cycling over Easter and really enjoyed it so perhaps this would be a good idea!
  • Make ice cream - Being allergic to milk, ice cream is kind of a no-go unfortunately! But I do believe we have an ice cream maker somewhere in the loft! So we may have to whip that out... no pun intended...
  • Go to a festival - I say festival but I'm no camper. I'm not your typical festival-goer, really. But if Kylie is involved, well it's a different story! I'm going to Hyde Park 3 weeks today with my bestie to the British Summer Time event and Kylie is headlining!
  • Make a holiday lookbook - I'm really into clothes (particularly buying them) so I'm really keen to film or blog a lookbook of my outfits when I'm in Portugal. I'm hopeless at posing, I'll warn you now, but we'll see how it goes!
If you want some ideas of things to do over the summer, click here to have a look on my 'Summer 2015' Pinterest board!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and look out for my next post in the summer series!