Last night, something crazy happened. It was rather comparable to the night that my blog post about '44 things only Guernsey people will understand' reached 10,000 views in one night and my mind was blown at the power of the internet and the magic of word of mouth.

I have recently filmed and edited a wedding video for my cousin and her husband. Before they asked me to be their videographer I'd never had a second thought - or even a first actually - about making wedding videos. But as I prepared to take on the task, and was asked to film another couple's wedding before I'd even filmed my first, I thought about how great it would be to provide two people with a special (and, let's face it, emotional) document of their wedding day. 

Let's cut to the chase - I love to film and edit videos. I love the combination of the technical side of things and the creative side of things. Creative in so many ways on so many levels. More than that, I eventually want to make a living out of producing media. But, as I'm fully aware, it's a tough and competitive industry to break into. Like most areas of work, experience is the key.

Dedication, creative thinking, organisation, technical skills, a desire to reach an audience and to tell a story are all crucial components of successful content creation, but experience is what will better you. The more you do, the more you learn, the greater the opportunities.

As I'm home from uni for the summer, I want to make the most of my free time. To fill it up! I don't enjoy doing nothing - I hate being bored, and having loved making my cousin's wedding video and looking forward to the next one pencilled in the diary, I thought... why not film some more?

To cut an already long story short, I posted online asking if anyone wanted a wedding video done this summer to give me some more experience and help to build my portfolio, as well as to add something extra to a couple's special day. Within an hour, I'd gone from having 1 wedding booked.... 

... to 10.

In the space of a month and a half.

It's going to be hard-going. I'm going to have to be super organised. But why the heck would I turn this down?! I'm only home for a short time and won't get these opportunities again until next wedding season, so if I have 10 wedding videos to make, some in 3 consecutive days, so be it. The more the better (to a certain extent)!

I became a little overwhelmed yesterday with the amount of responses I received, both for wedding videos and other short film productions/filming opportunities, and my sister suddenly found herself in the position of becoming my PA, bless her! But I'm excited. Once again, it made me realise the importance of grabbing opportunities with both hands and putting yourself out there. I've blogged about this before but I must remind myself, and remind you. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back. Most importantly, don't let YOU hold YOU back. Every opportunity will result in a lesson. Every lesson will result in experience and personal and/or professional progress and growth.

I'm aware that I'm taking on a lot and I need to be very conscious of not over-doing things in the weeks to come for my own health and sanity! But it's only a few weeks of being super busy, and hopefully, the results (and progress that I make) will be worth it.

I have been inspired, and I hope this has inspired you too. Seize opportunities. Say yes! You never know what brilliant things will come out of being brave.

P.S. Thank you to anyone who shared my post or made suggestions to future brides! Also to a few certain people who encouraged me to take this on. You're all wonderful :)