There is a special recipe for the perfect pop princess and Kylie Minogue is made up of all the right ingredients mixed together in the right way. 28 years after she broke into the music scene, Kylie still has that sparkle which captured the attention of the Australian and British public. Humble, graceful, bubbly and undeniably a showgirl, Ms Minogue is pop, and womanhood, at its finest.

During a weekend last month she performed three shows, for us to celebrate her and her long list of successful hits. Kylie is, first and foremost, an entertainer. The stage is her home, where she feels most comfortable, most confident and most herself. 

Kylie can do many things but if you've been lucky enough to attend one of her gigs, you will know what she is best at is her ability to work a crowd. This is why I love being in her audience. You just have the greatest time of your life.

Myself and my best friend Shannon went to see her headline this year's Barclaycard 'British Summer Time' gig in Hyde Park on Sunday 21st June. Rewind to nearly 3 years ago, in September 2012, Shannon and I met in person for the first time and saw Kylie perform in Hyde Park for 'BBC Proms in the Park'. So I guess you could say that we experienced a little déjà vu!

The other acts performing at the gig were fab, but Kylie - and this goes without saying - was more fab. We had a really lovely weekend so here's some photos!

And of course... we vlogged the whole thing too... click here to watch!