Sparkling sapphire sea, a clear and cloudless sky and the sun beaming down warmly. That was Tuesday. It would have been foolish to not grab my camera and head for the cliffs.

I'm a nature girl, through and through. Unless that means sleeping through the night in a tent, of course (I genuinely couldn't think of anything worse). But blue sky and green trees are two of my most favourite things.

Something about wandering through quiet woodland with only rustling leaves and singing birds to be heard and green, green and much more green to be seen makes me feel grounded and peaceful. Being sat on a bench at the top of a cliff on the south coast of my home island makes me feel blessed and even more peaceful. Even the sky rats (more commonly known as seagulls) don't take away from that. I breathe in nature, I breathe out peace.

Sat on that bench, I stared into an infinite blanket of shimmering blue sea. You would think thinking of such a vast existence would make one feel small, insignificant and anxious. But somehow that's not the effect it has on me. It reminds me that I'm not alone, that there is a big world out there full of opportunities and beauty. It's indescribably refreshing. I could sit there all day.