Hello friends!

I feel it's been a long time since I last blogged. I've been away visiting my best friend Chummy (real name Shannon) and Minoguly (real name Kylie Minogue) and then onto Portugal for a week with my aunty and uncle and cousin Elly. Since being back, I've felt that a break from blogging, vlogging, editing and all things 'laptop' has been necessary and I've actually even been lacking inspiration. 

Now though... I'm raring to go :)

Once I've finished editing footage from seeing Minoguly, you'll be gifted a Kylie blog post and vlog (aren't you lucky - lucky, lucky, lucky) but for now, here's some photos from my holiday in Portugal and a link to my Portugal vlog at the bottom of this post. Enjoy xo

My favourite photo from the holiday
Excited to board the plane

You can watch our beautiful footage from the week by clicking here!