1. Write down 3 things 
that made you happy every day
2. Exercise
more and regularly
3. Read daily 
(and I don't mean your Twitter feed)
4. Send letters and cards
to people without having to have an excuse
5. Have a social media free day
once a week/fortnight 
6. Take time out for yourself
regularly and just be with your thoughts, avoiding distractions
7. Be honest with yourself 
about everything and face up to difficult situations
8. Keep a diary
or a journal or photo diary of some kind
9. Make more effort 
to see and speak to friends and family
10. Seek knowledge
Watch documentaries, engage with science. Knowledge is power!
11. Something you've always wanted to do 
but have never been brave enough. Now is the time friends!
12. Focus on the present
because that's all you really have
13. Discipline yourself
Only buy things you know you'll need, only eat things in proportion, make yourself get up early.
You get the idea
14. Remove clutter
All those things you know you have but won't ever use again? Find another home for them
15. Eat a healthy breakfast 
Fruit, nuts and grains are all good - you'll have so much more energy
(unless like me, you're allergic to them)
16. Listen to your body
and its needs. It's the only one you've got after all! You need to look after it
17. Work experience
 If you're a student like me, or trying to reach a particular career path, the more work experience you do, the more successful you'll be
18. Believe in yourself. 
We're all guilty of not having faith in our abilities but we all have something unique to give to the world and we can do anything if we put our mind to it
19. Prioritise
Knowing what's really, truly important to your life and your wellbeing and prioritising those things
20. Appreciate
everyone who says something kind to you, who makes an effort with you. The people, the places, the little things in your life that serve a good purpose