If FRIENDS was set in Guernsey

Imagine if F.R.I.E.N.D.S was set in Guernsey...

1. Their local coffee house would be Costa because it's the only coffee shop on the island

2. Monica would have sold her homemade candy as hedge veg and the parish would be going crazy for them

3. Ross never would have missed Rachel's flight leaving because there's only one airport

4. And he would have had more time to catch her because the flight would be delayed due to fog

5. They would all live in their own houses, so the 'Chandler and Monica moving to a big house in the country' wouldn't have been a big deal at all

6. This also means that Joey would have to do his own food shopping (probably at Iceland)

7. Which in turn would mean that the shelves would be empty because Joey would have bought all the food on the island

8. They would all drive because everyone on Guernsey drives, right?

9. Monica would be a chef at the OGH

10. Phoebe would probably work as a masseuse at Kings Club as St. Pierre Park is a tad up-market for our Pheebs

11. Joey would be a member of GADOC 

12. Rachel would have got her first fashion job at Ogiers

13. And then have moved on to New Look

14. Emily would be all the way from The Bridge (of course, she still would have needed her passport to visit Ross)

15. Ross would teach History at Elizabeth College

16. Carol and Susan wouldn't have been able to get married now, let alone in 1994

17. EVERY episode would be called 'The One at the Beach'

18. Either that or 'The One with Nothing To Do'

19. Chandler would work for a bank

20. The turkey that Monica wore on her head when she first told Chandler she loved him would undoubtedly have been bought from Forest Stores at Christmas

21. Ross wouldn't have been allowed to date one of his students, but would have been related to her in some way already

22. 'Going to see the game' would be going to Footes Lane to watch Guernsey FC play

23. Phoebe would spend her summer on the High Street in St. Peter Port playing 'Smelly Cat' to cruise ship visitors