It appears that summer is over now. I can't believe how quickly it has passed! It feels like last week that I was writing that I'd just handed in my last essay of year one at university. And now, here I am, packing (I say that... not much packing has been done yet) to move back to the UK tomorrow and embark on year two.

It's probably been the busiest and most productive summer holiday I've had, and my happiest too I think, so I thought I'd show you the 'best bits'.

My cousin's wedding
Seeing my beautiful cousin Rowena marry her lovely husband Richard was the perfect way to start my summer. It was a blessing to be a part of their special day. I particularly love this photo of my sister and I with our parents and step-parents. We're so lucky!

So much fun and so much to celebrate! An incredible amount of happiness, joy and love could be felt throughout the whole day.

It was an absolute privilege to be asked by Rown and Rich to film their wedding. It was the first wedding I had filmed and I was nervous but I soon got into it and loved capturing the little moments. Little did I know that it would spur me on to film another 8 weddings over the summer!

Lots of selfies were taken on the day (of course). I love this one of my one-day-cousin-in-law and I - apparently we look really similar!

Aren't selfie sticks just the best thing in the world?! Family photo time!

Kylie gig in Hyde Park
As you will probably know, I love a little bit of Kylie in my life and had such a fun day with my best friend at British Summer Time seeing her headline the show. She was as brilliant as ever and we danced A LOT.

Holiday in Portugal
I had been counting down the days until a relaxing, hot break in Portugal since it was booked in February. Although we underestimated just how hot it would be, I had a wonderful time with my aunty, uncle and cousin in the Algarve.

Radio interview
I had a local radio appearance last month talking about my realisation of the value of work experience for young people. Having been filming weddings and promo videos over the summer and doing work experience placements with different companies, I realised how important it is to do what you love and do it as much as you can, and I wanted to share this with people my age. This time a year ago, or even six months ago, I would never have believed you if you said I would be willing to be interviewed on the air waves. I guess I proved to myself that I can be confident and put myself out there.

Family time
Since living away from home and not having family around me all the time, I've realised how much I've missed them and how much I appreciate them! I've had so many lovely days and nights and moments with my family this summer and I've loved every second.

Shannon's annual visit to Guernsey
My favourite time of the year is when my best friend comes to stay with me in Guernsey - she loves it as much as I do. We always have a gorgeous time, but this year it was particularly gorgeous (and I don't mean the weather, because quite frankly, it was horrendous) because we just chilled out and caught up.

Granny's birthday
My lovely Granny celebrated her birthday with her family at the end of August and it was really special. Crepes for lunch, lasagne for dinner and brilliant company. What could be better?

My sister's 18th birthday party
Somehow, at the start of September, my baby sister Katie turned 18. I can't believe she's all grown up now!! It was really lovely having all our parents, and our granny, there to celebrate her birthday and it was a really fun night (and a great excuse to wear my prom dress again!).

Filming weddings
Having filmed Rown and Richard's wedding at the end of May, I thought to myself, 'why not film some more whilst I'm home?'. I umm'd and err'd over it for a few weeks and then decided to just go for it - I had nothing to lose and so much to gain. And gain I did! Work experience, new skills, something to do, a lot of joy, a lot of emotions, masses more confidence and meeting some truly wonderful people.

Lots of Yoga
I've made a vow to myself that I will attend yoga classes when I get back to uni as I didn't really do much yoga during my first year unless I was home. But having been to a good few classes this year, and practicing as much as I can, I've remembered why I love it so much. It calms me, refreshes me, makes me feel so incredibly energised, and I always feel a deep connection with the earth and with positivity.

Hanging out in Guernsey
Ah, my favourite place. Home. I absolutely love spending time here, by the sea especially. I don't want to leave it tomorrow!! I've done many a cliff walk this summer, many a 'sit on a bench by the sea and ponder on life' moment too. Just being here makes me happy.