I'm pretty sure that I say this every month but I can't believe there's only 4 days left of September!! Has month has gone unbelievably quickly or is it just me?! I've had a really great month and I thought I'd show you some of the things I've been loving in September 2015.


I've recently discovered the Collection Contour Kit - made up of a contour colour and a highlight. To say it's inexpensive - cheap even for a drug store product - I've been really impressed with this. Whether you're a beginner to contouring, or on a budget, I think this product would be perfect for you to achieve a natural contoured look.

I officially have a new favourite mascara - the Benefit Roller Lash. I've been using the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (yes, the name still cringes me out) over the summer but have noticed that it's not very lengthening. This was perfect for me in the summer months because I wanted a light, summery, natural make-up look, but going into Autumn/Winter I am preferring something heavier.
I've found that Benefit Roller Lash has filled that spot - it's extremely lengthening and gives your lashes an extra curl.

When I was at my lovely friend Sara's house a few weeks ago, she introduced me to the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows and I haven't looked back. I personally love a gold eyeshadow - a colour I tend to wear with my everyday make-up look because I have blue eyes, so when I found these in the shades On and on Bronze and Pink Gold... well, I fell in love. They have the most gorgeous creamy consistency and I've found them to be really long-lasting. Absolute beauties.

My lips have been really dry and chapped the past couple of weeks, something that I don't usually suffer from, so I've been using the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. However, I do prefer some colour on my lips, so you can imagine my excitement when Carrie Hope Fletcher introduced me to the Burt's Bees Lip Crayon!! I ordered one straight away in the shade Sedona Sands and it arrived the next day with Amazon Prime. This colour is so natural, it fills your lips with colour without being any different to your lip colour (well, my lip colour anyway!) so basically adding more definition. You MUST get your hands on one of these!

And now for my absolute favourite product this month - The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life! My skin has always been quite dry and acne-prone, therefore appearing rather dull. This moisturiser has changed everything. I apply this just before my make-up and it gives my skin a real glow, but I've also found it's really helped clear it up too! LOVE this stuff.

Clothes & Shoes

You know how sometimes you just have A FAVOURITE item of clothing? Well, during September, this has been the case for me, and said item is this beautiful Asos Brick Orange Shirt. I'm really into these orangey/red colours for autumn and I absolutely love the style of this shirt. It's a really flattering fit and the colour is just gorgeous *insert heart-eyes emoji here*.

And now for another ASOS beauty. I've been looking for a denim dress for a few months now and I've seen plenty around, but none that I really liked the style of. But this Asos Denim Skater Dress caught my eye instantly. I love the girly, cute shape of it and it's the kind of denim dress that you could easily transition into autumn and winter by wearing it with black tights, and perhaps a black jumper or cardi. I'm sure I'll be wearing this a lot this season!

My final favourite item of clothing is one hundred percent this Dorothy Perkins Leather Jacket. Unfortunately it's no longer available as I bought it in the sale at the start of the month for £10, reduced from £60. TEN POUNDS!!! I think it was my lucky day that day! I love the faux fur collar (the fact that it's detachable makes it even better) and the cropped - but not too cropped - style. A leather jacket really is an autumn/winter staple and I've been wearing this bad boy on an almost daily basis. I'm still not over getting it for ten pounds, I'm really not.

And now onto shoes... both my September shoe favourites are trainers actually! I'm sure next month it'll be a million pairs of black boots, but for now... my Nike Roshe White Trainers have been worn so much that they're turning rather grubby. They were expensive, I'll say that now, but they really have been worth every penny and I don't for a second regret splashing out on them! They're so comfortable and go with virtually everything - I couldn't ask for more!

And just to prove that not all comfortable and stylish trainers have to cost a fortune, here are my Primark Black Trainers which I picked up this week for a tenner! TEN POUNDS again! Looking at them, and wearing them in fact, you'd have no idea that they were another Primarni special! They're like a dream to walk in, they really are.


My best friend was desperate for me to watch Orange is the New Black when she came to visit me at the end of August and this month I've been hooked. It's not something I would have chosen to watch myself but I got really into it very quickly. Although the first season is rather graphic and intense, I think it's so well written and the storylines really pull you in. I'm watching season two now, and I'm very excited! In fact, I may have to watch an episode now... brb...


I've got two favourite solo vloggers this month. The first lovely lady I have to mention is Estée Lalonde, better/formerly known as Essie Button. Essie is a 24-year old Canadian beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger/vlogger living in London. She has the most infectious bubbly personality and is a real girl's girl. I love how genuine and down-to-earth Essie is and absolutely love watching her videos. She is what I call all of the goals EVER.

My other favourite vlogger this month has been Carrie Hope Fletcher. I say this month, I mean always, but particularly this month as my best friend and I had the pleasure of meeting her at stage door. Carrie, a 22-year-old actress, author and YouTuber, a girl perhaps best known as "Tom from McFly's sister" but is so much more, is currently playing the lead in Les Miserables, Eponine, on the West End and MY GOODNESS can she perform. But she's also an incredibly talented speaker, and her videos on her YouTube channel It's Way Past My Bedtime are continually inspiring, uplifting and powerful. She makes you think. She makes you want to be her best friend. I think she's truly fab.


I had to throw a food favourite in. My favourite food this month has been tortilla chips dipped in hummus, in particular the Waitrose Red Pepper Houmus. I'd never really tried houmous before but I can promise you that I'm converted. I just can't get enough of the stuff!


I'm a real iPhone girl and I do love my apps. One of the apps I've been loving this month is the Free Prints app. You can print 45 extremely high quality photos from your phone for free - all you have to pay for is the £3-something postage. They usually arrive within 3 days and I've made the most of them by creating a wall collage for my new room at uni, which I looooove.

Also this month, I've been really into Instagram. I've had Instagram for about four years now I think, but I set up a new account for blog-type photos and I've been trying to make more effort with it. You can follow me here (@stephslittleworld).

So there you have it, my favourite mixture of things for September. I hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post - do let me know if you'd like to see more favourites blogs, or perhaps even videos (if I can pluck up the courage!). What have you been loving this month? X