I wanted to write this blog post because I feel it needs to be said.

Last night at my sister's birthday party, an adult came up to me to say hello. I said hello back. The next words that came out of their mouth were "you need to eat something".

Right. Ok.

It grated on me straight away. Why, why would anyone feel the need to greet someone in this way?

Weight is a somewhat "touchy" issue these days. But only because it seems that everyone feels compelled to comment on other people's weight loss or gain.

The X Factor started again this weekend and the only thing I heard about the launch of the new series was "Cheryl you need to eat a burger, love".

Apparently I do too.

But I can't understand why things like this are said, whether about a celebrity who at the time of appearance had just lost her father in law, or about little old me. Little old me who's always been little.

Last night, I responded to the comment with "I eat a lot", and they said "no you don't" (because apparently they see me every minute of every day, not eating) and I persisted with "Yes, I eat all the time" which is the truth. I eat as much as I can, whenever I can. I love food. And I'm healthy.

On reflection, I regret defending myself. Why should I defend myself about my own weight, about a subject that is of absolutely no business of anybody else but me?

I know I'm tiny. Guess what? I've always been tiny. I'm underweight for my age and that's been the case since I was a child. It's always been a concern to my parents who mention it every time I see a doctor or a nutritional therapist or whoever.

I don't like being small. I've put on half a stone in the last six months, and still, I'm not entirely happy.

No matter how many doughnuts or chips or cakes that I eat, I'M STILL SMALL.

This was my lunch today for heavens sake.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have a book-long list of food intolerances. Maybe I have a really fast metabolism. Maybe it's genetic - my nanny was the same, my mum was the same until she had children. Maybe I don't even need to give you an explanation.

I ask you this, for all the people who receive comments about their weight from others. Please, please focus on your own life and refrain from even thinking about telling someone that they "need to eat" or, on the opposite end of the scale, "need to lay off the cake".

What's it to you? And do you think we don't know how much we weigh?

I wasn't angry about the comment to me. In actual fact, I get comments like that on a daily basis. But it does makes me sad that there are some people who can start a conversation in this way, who can say such personal things without even thinking.

#rantover x