Question: is it possible to be in love with someone else's baby?

Answer: OH yes.

Life is a crazy thing. New life, in particular, blows my mind. How can something microscopically tiny turn into a brand new person? The only word I have to describe this is simply 'amazing'.

My step-brother and his girlfriend Lucy gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday. I can tell you now, they have made the most perfect little human. I feel so privileged to live so close to them in the UK and especially being able to meet baby Olivia twice in her first four days of life on this planet and I'm SO excited to babysit and watch her grow up. I'm such a proud auntie!

It's also been really lovely to see my Mum and step-dad twice this week thanks to Olivia's birth, and also to see my sister and one of my other step-brother's today. Family days really are the best.

I didn't have any striking, inspirational blog ideas this Sunday so I thought, why not spam you with photos of my beautiful newborn niece?! Seems like a no-brainer to me.