It's taken me a good couple of weeks to be excited about autumn. I think it's because I'm not really one for being cold, so I've been missing being able to go outside without a coat on!

However, as the month goes on, I'm starting to feel the autumnal magic, getting a little bit excited for Halloween, bonfire night and...

...am I allowed to use the C word yet?

Because I'm excited for that too!

I decided to get out the house this afternoon, grab my camera, put my iPod in, and explore a little. I stumbled across this beautiful little woodland behind a park near where I live, and naturally (force of habit) did a bit of filming.

This resulted in getting back from my walk and producing a short film, 'Hello Autumn'. You can watch it below.

I still feel bittersweet about this time of the year. The colder and wetter it gets, the more I dread my 20-minute walk to uni. But I'm trying to think of all the brilliant, cosy things that Autumn brings: hot chocolates, pyjama afternoons, big jumpers, film nights under blankets with the girls, fireworks, crunchy leaves, roast dinners (if I can be bothered to cook any)... 

I'm also loving wearing autumnal colours - I have lots of reds, oranges, rusts and camels in my wardrobe. Not actual camels... camel coloured clothing... just so we're clear about that. So look out for an autumnal 'outfit of the week' post soon.

I hope this video and blog post has helped get you in the mood for autumn my loves!