I think it's fair, and accurate, to say that I have loved clothes and fashion since the first day I dressed myself. My mum was good at colour-co-ordinating my sister and I, and dressing us in cute little outfits... most of the time! But I have grown up loving a good shopping trip, and putting outfits together. Looking back, I've made some hideous (!!!!!) outfit decisions, and naturally, my taste in clothes changes on a very regular basis. But I love this.

I really think that fashion is an art - the dictionary definition of art is 'the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination' and undoubtedly, fashion fits this definition exactly. I love being creative with my clothing, putting this skirt with that, this jumper with those jeans... and I thought it made a lot of sense, and would be a lot of fun, to post my favourite (or possibly even my most 'daring') outfit of each week on my blog.

There's no time like the present, as they say. So I'm going to jump straight in with my favourite (AND my most daring) outfit of this past week.

I went shopping (numerous times, but we'll pretend I never said that) in Topshop on Thursday with two of my housemates, Jess and Laura, and Jess picked up a full-length black dungarees. She looked seriously good in them (it?... them?... I never know) and inspired me to try them on too. I went for the petite version because you know, I'm short, and fell in love. And shied away!! I felt like Jess pulled them off SO much better, but her and Laura insisted that they did suit me. I said I'd get them, but would have to be having a 'brave day' to wear them.

Turns out that 'brave day' was the following morning! I teamed them up with a green and white stripy jumper from Urban Outfitters and last year's Primark heeled Chelsea boots.

I braved wearing this outfit to uni. To start with, I felt very self-conscious! I think that happens sometimes when you wear something you haven't really tried out before - at least it happens to me. But I soon felt more confident in it, and really enjoyed wearing something different. 

These dungarees can be styled in so many different ways and is a perfect transition into Autumn/Winter, so I'm excited to wear them a lot in the next few months with different tops, jumpers and jackets!

I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired to step out of your comfort zone once in a while with what you wear. Remember, fashion is an art form, a way to express yourself. Be experimental, be brave, have fun with it!
Look out for my next outfit of the week blog. For more fashion/style photos, check out my Instagram.

Cheerio my loves x