In just two days, the countdown to Christmas begins. I absolutely LOVE writing Christmas-themed blog posts because.... well, because I LOVE Christmas!!

To celebrate the begin of advent, I would like to share with you my favourite things about Christmas time.

Christmas Shopping and Christmas Markets

Incredibly, I have already completed my Christmas shopping for 2015. This is about 3 weeks earlier than last year, and about 6 weeks earlier than usual! I absolutely love shopping at Christmas when all the lights are on, and visiting the cutest little Christmas markets. There's something that just feels so magical about that.

Hot Chocolates

There's nothing better than having a beautifully warm hot chocolate when the weather turns cold, particularly enjoying them by a fire or when you're out and about to warm your hands up! Mmm-mmmmm!

Buying Gifts

Receiving gifts is lovely, but buying gifts for people you love is even better. Picking things out that you know they'll love is so exciting, I just love it.

Christmas Lights!

I don't know about you but Christmas Lights make me happy. Look at these cute little snow men just hanging out! Houses look so much better when they're covered in Christmas lights, in my opinion.

Buying and Decorating the Tree

I have such fond memories of shopping for the Christmas tree when I was younger, being pushed around on the trolley that will soon be to wheel the tree to the till, trying to actually fit the tree in the car, cutting the netting off and letting it free!!

And then, of course, whacking on the Christmas album/playlist that you listen to every year and decorating it with as much tinsel and as many baubles as you can possibly manage.

The Smell of the Tree!

There's nothing like the smell of a Christmas tree. Doesn't it just smell so woody and exciting and divine?! My gosh I just love it.

The Annual Christmas-Card-Writing Session

Again, another activity to be done with the Christmas classics playing in the background! I absolutely love sitting down with my family and writing out our cards.

New Pyjamas

Every year, my sister and I always get given new pyjamas for Christmas. It's such an exciting part of Christmas as they're always super cosy and cute and brilliant for taking selfies in...

Christmas Jumpers (and leggings, apparently)

Another tradition is to buy a new Christmas jumper every year. More often than not they're Primark specials! I started wearing mine about a week ago - it's never too early! Oh and it's another opportunity for cute Christmassy photos.

The Christmas Day Walk

My family will not live a Christmas Day without going for a walk either before or after dinner. We're usually in Guernsey for Christmas (although not this year) and the weather is nearly always absolutely beautiful so a family walk is always on the cards.

Giving Gifts

Of course, seeing people's reactions when they open their presents is the best thing in the world.

Christmas Dinner

Oh. OH CHRISTMAS DINNER, HOW I LOVE YOU. I wait longingly for 364 days for this plate of heaven! Roasties, yorkie puds, pigs in blankets, sausage stuffing balls, brussel sprouts and OF COURSE the turkey. My tummy is actually rumbling right now just looking at last years photo.

Boxing Day Leftovers

Cold turkey, gammon, salads and snacks and dips, leftover roasties... Boxing Day food is nearly as good as Christmas Dinner!

I said nearly.

Board Games

Our family is definitely a board game on Christmas day family. I have just found this photo of my Poppy on his last Christmas when he absolutely THRASHED us all at Guernsey Monopoly. When he got this card, saying he'd been mistaken for a scarecrow in the Torteval scarecrow walk, I remember he laughed solidly for about 20 minutes. It's made me so happy re-discovering this special moment.

Family Time

Ultimately, the most special thing about Christmas is spending time with family. I am so grateful for being able to be with my family every Christmas and that the festive period is so full of love. I'm excited for this year to spend Christmas Day with my extended family and just enjoy every second of being with them all.

I'm SO EXCITED for Christmas. I'm already in the Christmas spirit (and have been since Kylie released her Christmas album at the start of November)!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? x