My world is...

Do you ever catch yourself saying "you're my whole world" or "it means the world to me"? I know I say it often, but it made me think... There are so many things that make up who we are, what happens in our daily lives and therefore "our world". Sometimes our world is full of happiness and contentment and at other times our world is very difficult. But all of our worlds are so beautifully different, unique and individual.

I spent some time thinking about what my world is, and I want to share with you some of the things that I came up with. After all, this blog is appropriately named for a post like this!

My world is...

My friends, my housemates and my dog. My world is the members of my family who are always there for me- my parents, my sister, my step-brothers and my granny, my aunties and my uncles and my cousins.

My world is doing my make-up, having make-up-free days, good hair days and bad hair days, remembering to put my retainers in, my world is food allergies and asthma and hayfever, taking my supplements and tablets and inhalers.

My world is yoga and breathing and meditation, self-love and self-criticism. My world is clear skin and acne breakouts.

My world is playing the piano and not playing my saxophone enough. My world is attempting to teach myself the guitar and always wishing I could play the drums.

My world is the 25-minute walk to and from uni most days, my world is buses and trains and driving and wishing I could be driving. My world is traveling on the underground, taxis, walking, flying. My world is shopping and online shopping, saving and spending.

My world is buying baby clothes for my nieces and future nephew and cousin. My world is family time and time alone in my bedroom.

My world is my iPhone, my social media profiles, my computers, my kindle, my digital representation. My world is constant scrolling, and making time to delete social media.

My world is editing and vlogging, creating and blogging. My world is creativity... and lack of it. My world is watching YouTube videos and making YouTube videos and sharing YouTube videos and writing about YouTube videos.

My world is texting and Whatsapping and iMessaging and mailing and calling and FaceTiming and Skyping and typing.

My world is Saturday night tv and takeaways, Coronation Street and Made in Chelsea, my world is sea views and city walks, woodland walks and cliff walks.

My world is moisturising and hair washing and applying face masks and hair-drying. My world is early starts, and lie ins, and lots of alarm setting.

My world is wearing jumpers and jeans, dressing smartly, and rarely dressing up. My world is heeled boots and trainers and slippers. My world is wearing normal clothes to bed as 'pyjamas'.

My world is hot holidays, and other-end-of-the-country holidays. My world is beaches and roads and re-grounding in nature. My world is photographing and filming and capturing special moments.

My world is care and gratitude and belief and hope and trying to help people. My world is baking and preparing, cooking, and avoiding cooking, roast dinners at home and potato waffles at uni. My world is split between four houses, two countries.

My world is pink and floral, and also very monochrome. My world is the jewellery I wear every day without fail and  jewellery I only get out for special occasions. My world is short amounts of time with my best friend. My world is Kylie concerts, west-end musicals and amateur dramatics musicals.

My world is online food shopping, gluten free and milk free and nut free food shopping. My world is accepting that there are many foods I cannot eat, and being okay with that.

My world is taking opportunities, and time management. My world is doing things for myself, and working myself too hard.

My world is deadlines. My world is group work and independent work, laughter and frustration. My world is the wonderful freedom felt after submitting an assignment.

My world is the lovely feeling of getting into a cold bed at night and snuggling up. My world is hot chocolates, watching tv by the fire, kicking crisp autumn leaves.

My world is hard times and lovely times, sad times and fun times, stress and relaxtion, and a lot of emotion.

and most importantly,
my world is love, love, love and more love.