I am currently in a state of disbelief at the weather Guernsey is having today. Apologies to those of you in England swimming around in a thick mass of fog this afternoon for what you're about to see.

Although it is hard to be sorry.

I arrived back home in Guernsey for my "reading week" (yes, that week again, the one where reading is the last thing that ever happens) on Wednesday night to rain, rain and more rain. It was rather difficult to believe my mum when she told me "you're going to get some lovely weather while you're here darling!". Err, you sure about that one mum?

Turns out she was indeed right (mum's always are, aren't they). I've spent the last two days in the glorious 19 degree sun - the kind that you only really see in Guernsey in mid-July. 

But it's November. NOVEMBER!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) commenced with breakfast on the patio. Al fresco dining at this time of year? Madness right!

This was followed by returning to my favourite yoga class, and then visiting my sister and our pup Oscar (follow him on Instagram  @oscardapup).

When you and your dog look the same

In the afternoon, Sara and I battled it out on the crazy golf course. It was a close game, with us both getting an equal number of both hole-in-2's and hole-in...err... 7's (shh). 

We snapchatted most of our game, but the one moment, THE ONE MOMENT THAT SARA WASN'T RECORDING.... I got a hole-in-one. Typical.
It was rather spectacular - I hit the ball so hard that it hit the wall, bounced off, and flew straight into hole number 9. I don't think either of us could speak for half a minute!

Needless to say, I won!

We'd been waiting for this day for two months, as we hadn't got around to playing it in the summer. We certainly didn't expect to be plying it on the last day of October, but that kinda made it more special!!

When I woke up today, I just knew it was going to be a good day. From the very second I opened my eyes. I didn't have the 'nope I can't get out of bed yet' feeling that I usually do when I wake up. I felt refreshed and ready.

After a productive morning of work, I went for a walk around the lanes where I live and it was so warm that I ended up taking my jumper off and walking around in just a vest. Well, and jeans too obviously. . .

It was absolutely lush.

My thoughts: Why am I able to walk around in November CARRYING my jumper?

This afternoon, Mum and George and I went on a mission to find the Guernsey-famous 'Secret Beach'. It didn't take us long to find it and fall in love. I just want to share some photos with you that we took because we just couldn't believe how beautiful, and how HOT, it was.
All we kept saying to each other, like every other islander today, I'm sure, was "I just can't believe it's November!" "I mean, I'd expect this in July, but not November!" "HOW IS IT NOVEMBER".

I'm sure you get the picture.

Although I am enjoying uni a lot more this year (I can hear you all breathing a sigh of relief), I am loving every single second of being back home, particularly as I've been blessed with such beautiful weather and wonderful company.

Guernsey, you rock.

No pun intended.