As it's nearly Christmas, I thought it would be a fun idea to make some cute little Christmas treats (of the edible kind, of course!).

These Reindeer Marshmallows are affordable and easy to make and they're just sooooo  adorable!!

You will need:
* A bag of medium-sized marshmallows
* Melted chocolate
* Pretzels
* Writing icing
* Sprinkles and icing sugar for decoration

STEP 1: Melt some chocolate and dip half of the marshmallows/the pink marshmallows into the chocolate until fully covered.

STEP 2: Cut the pretzels down the centre to half and slice off any extra to shape into antlers

STEP 3: Push the antlers into either side of the marshmallow.

STEP 4: With the black writing icing, draw two eyes onto the marshmallows. And then with the red tube, draw on a little red Rudolf nose.

STEP 5: Arrange your reindeer into Instagram-able scenic settings!

If you have a go at making these little guys, do send me a photo! Check back for more Christmas treat recipes later this week.

Merry Christmas! x


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