21 Great Things About Living in Guernsey

Guernsey is such a unique place to live. Often, it can be frustrating living on a 7x5-mile rock in the middle of the sea but there are also some wonderful reasons why our little island is a fantastic place to live. I thought I would use some of my photos to highlight 21 GREAT THINGS ABOUT LIVING IN GUERNSEY:

1. Always being so close to the beach

2. High safety and low crime rates

3. Being able to be excused for something by using the old (but very true) line: "It's a bit difficult, you see, because I live in Guernsey... so I was wondering if you could make a special allowance for me..."

4. The stunning views everywhere you go (well, everywhere except the view of the chimneys down in St Sampsons)

5. Nearly always having an excuse to get on a plane and "escape for a bit"!

6. Not having to pay VAT - (ner ner ner-ner ner!)

7. Always having slightly (emphasis on the 'slightly') better weather than England

Sunbathing on the 1st November 2015 in 19 degree weather!

8. The unique, family-run independent restaurants (none of that chain restaurant rubbish)

9. Having town right by the gorgeous harbour

10. Being a close-knit community and knowing so many people (I admit that there are pitfalls to this but it IS good that someone you know will always know someone you need!)


12. The entertainment of telling non-islanders all about Guernsey's quirks

13. The beautiful sunsets on the West coast

14. Taking a whole 3 weeks to get through a tank of petrol!

15. The entertaining front page stories of the Guernsey Press ("Guernsey cows invade woman's home"!)

16. Being able to get a doctor's appointment the same day as asking (if you've ever lived in England, you'll know how miraculous this is!)

17. Going for cliff walks along the South coast (and getting those beaut shots of the sea every. single. time.)

18. Seeing the look on people's faces when you tell them that we don't have a McDonalds! 

19. Icart Point (and taking photos on THAT stone!)

20. Never having to drive very far to get somewhere

21. Taking a basket with ketchup, kitchen roll and wine glasses to eat Fish and chips on "The Sea Wall" at Cobo. I need say no more!

See- not so bad is it!! I'd love to hear your favourite things about living in Guernsey - leave a comment below about what you appreciate!