I Have Blossomed Here

Today I wanted to reflect a little on something I've been consciously acknowledging every day for quite a while now, perhaps a couple of months. As I'm sure you know, I was born and lived in the gorgeous island of Guernsey until I came to Bournemouth to study my degree in September 2014.

I really appreciate growing up in Guernsey, spending my after-school afternoons in Saumarez Park and on Grandes Rocques beach (life doesn't get more exciting when you're a kid). It is a safe and pretty place to raise a family. As a child I naturally didn't appreciate this, but in the last five years or so, I've felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the little island, and for always having Guernsey as a part of me.

But here is where the story takes a twist (dun dun DUNNN!). I'm now in my twenties and I've got one year left of my degree to push through (emphasis on the push), but I no longer feel a pull back to Guernsey. Visiting is lovely (I assure you that I can waste hours and hours sat on a south coast cliff bench staring at the sea) and it will always be my home.

But right now in my life, it's not where I want to be. Despite you all probably presuming this is because of the absence of McDonalds and Topshop (let's be honest, that's part of the reason), I'm beginning to realise that it's really because it feels so right for me to live in the big wide world of England. I feel at home here, I have so many more opportunities, and I'm the happiest I have ever been. I've blossomed, if you will.

*Inserts photo of blossom as a metaphor for this post*

For those wondering, I sadly still despise my university course, but if I hadn't come to uni then I would never have had a reason to move to England, and therefore would never know that this is where I want to live for the foreseeable future.

This is likely to come as a surprise to people I know well as I've always been a real "Guernsey girl" (heck, it's even come as a surprise to me!) but I love that I feel this way. I love that I'm not going to be a little Guernsey hermit.

I'm looking forward to spending my summer in Guernsey this year - for most probably the last time in a very long time - and I will undoubtedly soak up every second, but equally I know I'll be itching to come back to the UK again in September. It's rather bittersweet to be honest.

I appreciate this is a rather personal post, and probably not of much interest to many reading this. However, it's been on my mind and I like putting these things onto paper. Well, pixels.