Lovely London

I do love a little trip to London every now and again. Luckily for me, my best mate lives there meaning not only do I always have an excuse to visit, but I also get somewhere to sleep for the night (defo a bonus!) if I want to spend a couple of days there.

I'm still debating with myself whether I could actually live in London (it all seems a bit busy and scary and unsafe to me sometimes) but that doesn't mean I'm not utterly in love with the city when I find myself there from time to time.

I love the shops -(ooh surprise, surprise!) but not only the gigantic Topshop and the beautifully affordable Forever 21, but all the little non-clothes shops too. The bakeries and the card shops and the fact that you can literally find anything and everything.

I love the parks; a little (or big) escape to tranquility and greenery from the hustle and bustle of Bond Street. The lakes and ponds, the thousands and thousands of mighty trees, and of course the tamest wildlife you will ever find.

I love seeing tourists (yes I'm very aware that I am one of them, which is always evident when I whip my selfie stick out and make Shannon stop every five seconds for yet another photo). I love that everyone really appreciates London.

I love going somewhere high up and overlooking the city. Being able to see all the most iconic landmarks in one glance and observe millions of people hurriedly going about their daily lives.

I love the underground (controversial opinion, I know). The smell, the sound, the atmosphere, the fast-paced experience of it all, the man with his guitar singing so terribly out of tune. The history of its construction and operation (just how did they make such a complex and slick system in the early 1900s?!). There's nothing quite like it, and instead of being scared of it, or claustrophobic, or repulsed by it, I always embrace its uniqueness and appreciate its efficiency.

I love the theatres and the venues, the restaurants and the cafes. The cultural diversity, the 'anything goes' attitude, the craziness and hustle.

But I think my favourite thing about London is the fact that you'll never be able to go everywhere, that there's always somewhere new to discover.

I only left yesterday, but I'm already excited to explore more of lovely London