May... The Final Push

How on earth is it the first of May today?! 2016 is absolutely flying by. It feels like yesterday that I was tucking into my Christmas turkey and blasting Kylie's Christmas album at every possible chance I got. And now it's May? My goodness me.

I think for us students, May is always one of those months that we simultaneously love and hate. Let me explain.

We love May because...
1) We come to an end of our school/uni term
2) The sun starts shining and we can go out without a coat on (hallelujah!)
3) It's nearly summer!!!!

We hate May because...
1) Exams become a daily occurrence
2) Uni assignment deadlines become a daily occurrence
3) See points 1 and 2.

For me, this is my sixth May where I have had this love/hate relationship with this month (from my year 10 GCSEs to now, end of year 2 of uni). This is kinda scary. And what's even more scary is that this is the penultimate May I will be feeling this way, before I go into the big wide world of full time work. Yikes.

It hit me this morning that actually, everything is now all very soon. I have an essay due in, in precisely 19 days, that I've not even thought about yet (I blame trips away, and the sickness bug I'm recovering from this weekend). 19 days is VERY SOON! I'm trying very hard not to panic, and I think I'm writing this blog post to trick myself into thinking that by acknowledging it I've got it all under control (not the case).

Do you feel me?

I think what we all need to do is stop thinking of May as 'exam month' and 'deadline month'. Let's start thinking of May as 'The Final Push'.

Hear me out.

The Final Push is when we put every tiny effort into every tiny task, and it will very shortly become very worth it. The Final Push is when we have to get up a little earlier, work a little harder, socialise a little less (we have all summer for that though, right?!) and eat a little more cake (just to make things better again). It's shoddy, we can't deny that and it's quite a challenge to think of The Final Push as a positive thing. BUT we have actually done most of the hard work already, in these past 9 months (why is this sounding more and more like I'm talking about an episode of One Born Every Minute? Apologies). So really, there's not much more to do, and the cold hard fact of the matter is that we've just got to blimmin' well do it. 

May I suggest some ways to get through this month...

* Be organised - it really is the key to getting stuff done, y'know
* Eat yummy food
* Reward yourself for doing those 500 words or that hour or revision
* Stay away from your parents as much as possible (stress levels will be high, I need say no more)
* Instead of counting down until your next exam/deadline, count down to freedom instead (much more motivating)
* Get some coloured fineliners in your life because they make things pretty
* Stop checking the social medias every two secs
* Believe in yourself (cringeeeeee, but true)

Hope that was a teeny bit helpful and that we can all get through this month without too many emotional breakdowns.