A Retreat to the River

You really can't beat a few days in the gorgeous Devon countryside with one of your favourite people. 
I am blessed to have a home in Exeter and it always feels like a little retreat when I'm there. We live close to the River Exe and every time I visit, I have to take a walk along the river and down to the quay. After a stressful month of uni deadlines, there was no better therapy for me this week than grabbing my DSLR and getting some shots of nature - and Sara's gorgeous face.

I'm a bit of a biology nerd and I love all things nature. The amount of GREEN STUFF that there is along the river is the most divine eye/photography candy.

I am a huge sucker for a blossom tree (it's become a bit of a joke now between my friends because I'm always on the hunt for blossom trees to Instagram) so capturing the detail on this one was too much of a joy to be normal.

Plants are AWESOME! I was never one of those biology students that thought plant biology was dull. I'm fascinated by their intricacy/beauty/green-ness. And I'm obsessed with photographing them.

Oh look... some more blossom... surprise, surprise!

As we were walking home, I couldn't resist getting this shot of Exeter Cathedral standing proudly in the distance and framed so beautifully by some trees and bushes. 

I do hope that the photographs weren't too much - I had so much fun taking them and wandering around the river catching up with Sara (and shoving a camera in her face every two seconds). I felt really inspired on this trip to Exeter - inspired by photography and nature and the city itself. 
I'm now considering Exeter as a place to live after graduation (providing I can get a job there!). It's just so peaceful and beautiful and homely. 

And I miss it already.