France Holiday Outfits

I feel a little uncomfortable about doing this kind of post. It's fair to say I'm not really the most model-worthy 5ft2 little squid and posing always feels a bit weird to me (you will probably see this for yourselves if you keep scrolling!). But when you have a bestie to take photos of you with a pretty lens in gorgeous French July sunshine, it's kinda hard to resist the temptation to put those photos on your blog...

So, alas, here's some of the outfits I wore on my holiday in France this week. We were out and about during the day and stayed at the gîte most evenings, so I wore a mixture of different outfit styles, from shorts and a tee to long, flowy dresses that made me feel like a roman princess (just for a second).

- OUTFIT 1 -

Dress - Boohoo
Shoes - New Look

Let's start with my favourite - the one that makes me feel like a roman princess. Look at it - can you blame me?! This gorgeous dress from Boohoo (believe it or not) was only about £20 and I l-o-v-e wearing it, particularly the beautiful detail on the back. These photos were captured in the golden hour of the day and the colours of the dress work so beautifully with the deep purple flowers in the shot. Perfect for a summer evening, or even a beach day, this is one of my favourite additions to my wardrobe this year.

- OUTFIT 2 - 

Vest - New Look
Shorts - New Look
Cap - Ebay (good ol' Ebay)
Flip Flops - Havainas 
An easy, loose outfit for warmer days (not that we've been getting many of those in the UK, hence why these items were the first in my suitcase for France). I wore this outfit one day when we were exploring some beautiful French villages. Despite it being virtually all black, I felt super summery and comfortable in this vest and shorts.

 - OUTFIT 3 - 
Dress - Zara
Shoes - New Look
Daisy crown - New Look

Ahhh, my little white Zara dress. Everyone should have a LWD for the summer - I think this one is particularly perfect for barbecues and evening outdoor parties or meals out. I wore this one out for a meal with these simple but classic white heeled sandals from New Look and teamed it with the cutest daisy chain crown headband (also from New Look).

- OUTFIT 4 - 

T-shirt - ASOS
Shorts - Topshop
Sunglasses - Topshop

Another casual one, and a fairly basic one at that! But a black v-neck and a pair of denim shorts are summer wardrobe staples, right?! And again, very easy to wear out and about (when it's warm enough!). 

- OUTFIT 5 - 

Dress - H&M 
 Another one of my favourites (and we didn't get enough photos of it!) is this little blue and white floral dress from H&M. I picked this up for about £7 last month and it caught my eye immediately. I have a thing for blue. And flowers. And little summer dresses. So I fell for this one and it was the perfect thing to wear walking around a little French market in the small town of Le Bugue. Also, apologies for wearing my camera around my neck in every shot. That's what happens when you're obsessed with taking photographs peeps.

- OUTFIT 6 - 

Playsuit - New Look  

I picked up this gorgeous playsuit last summer and what a better place to pose in it than in front of a whole load of beaut greenery? It's so wonderfully summery and makes me feel like sunshine. How poetic. Anyway, I'm doubtful that it'll be warm enough to wear again this summer in Guernsey, but there's always next year!

A million photos later, those were my favourite holiday outfits. All the love to Sara for taking the photos - oh and please go over and take a peek at her holiday outfit post here! x