Hello dear readers.

It has been a while.

I don't really have an excuse for the lack of blog posts recently. I simply have not been inspired to write, and I knew if I sat down and tried to get some words out that those words would not be great and I didn't want to waste your time. :)

BASICALLY, it's now August (???!!) and we're in the height of summer... except we're not because it's only 14 degrees and the rain just won't STOP! I'm telling you now, I don't believe in seasons anymore.

But theoretically, we're in the height of summer and it's been busy and calm all at the same time. We've moved house this week - which has been a long time coming but now it's all suddenly happening and it's a bit manic - so there's been a lot of sorting and unpacking and wardrobe organising and figuring out how to work the oven. But we're settling in quickly and it's rather delightful to be able to see the sea wherever we are. I like it. No, I LOVE it! It's just a shame that in 19 days I will be packing up my entire life again to move back to England (though I won't pretend that I'm not excited to go back).

It's also now less than four weeks until T.W.O.T.Y (The Wedding Of The Year) when my step-dad will become my actual step-dad and my step-brothers will become my actual step-brothers and we are all so very, very excited. Pretty dresses, cute decorations and new family members. What's not to love?!

As well as T.W.O.T.Y coming up, I've also been filming some more weddings again this summer, having last year discovered my love for capturing newlyweds dancing to Ed Sheeran. I was a tad apprehensive that I was going to find it difficult to get back into, but all is going well and I am very much enjoying pinching some sweets from the wedding ferris wheels (as well as filming cute moments, obvs).

Aside from weddings, weddings and more weddings, I'm still finding time to play the piano (or rather, play Every Adele Song To Ever Exist on the piano) and trying to get a blimmin' Instagram theme going, as well as the odd spot of baking, a few walks here and there, and (of course) watching Corrie.

With some (probably too evident) time on my hands whilst I'm in a limbo between 2nd and final year of uni, I've also been dabbling at a bit of photography, mostly portraits, and mostly of cute dogs and my cute(r) 10-month old niece Olivia. My love for the 50mm 1.2L lens is unbreakable and my urge to Instagram every photo I take is way too much of a struggle - first world problems eh?

Actually here's a really good opportunity to bombard you with some of my favourite photographs taken this summer #sorrynotsorry...

I'm also excited to share some photos from T.W.O.T.Y so look out for those (or passively observe as they fill up all your social media timelines). 

Do you know what, I think that's about it for this rambly update.
Speak soon, probably next month when I actually have something to write about.