The Wedding of the Year

... of all time actually.

Last week, I gained a wonderful step-dad and three lovely step-brothers. After just six months of planning, sewing, cutting, buying, late night amazon-ordering, dress fitting, secret keeping, flower arranging, and (in the final week) stressing, we were finally able to start celebrating the marriage of my mumma and her now-husband George.

And my gosh did we celebrate!!

Cue the photos I took!

It had been so hard to keep so many secrets (from George mainly, but also the majority of the guests!) over the past half year, but in the lead up to the wedding, myself and my fellow bridesmaids (my sister Katie, our step-sister-in-law-but-really-just-our-sister Lucy, and our cousins Laura and Elly) had spent many a day together choosing our dresses, having dress fittings, eating celebratory lunches, and (just about) resisting all temptations to instagram photos of us in our rainbow pastel dresses.

We have had constant messages pinging back and forth on our 'Bridesmaids' whatsapp group discussing table decorations, writing our speeches (and limericks!) and even getting a little too excited about the underwear we bought to match the colour of our dresses! (Is that TMI?)

It was a relatively small wedding but close family and friends were all we needed to make the day beautiful (that and the ultimate princess wedding dress that mum managed to keep under wraps!). I felt truly blessed to celebrate (and DANCE - boy did we dance!) with so many incredible people, and I know I'm speaking on behalf of Mumma and George here too.


It's such a beautiful thing when two families become one and when many families come together to celebrate this union. We all wish we could re-live the day over and over again (but perhaps with a few less sambuca shots next time George/Dave!!). I wish my mum and my new step-dad a lifetime of love and joy together.

Love you both loads. X